Boost refund tokens

Hi @Ned just got a question

Is there any updates on how often these tokens are going to be handed out.
The information about the distribution is abit vague from previous posts.
At the moment it feels like the game developers have forgotten about them already. Been in the game once since release.


Hey MattCrad01. I believe additional iterations and distribution plans for the tokens are in the works but I don’t have the exact info on that yet. :thinking:

As it is a new feature, our team may be looking over the information and feedback gathered from the last distribution. However, I can definitely give our team a poke on this. :smiley:


Thank you for passing on the message and the speedy reply :pray:


Thanks @Ned ! That’s great to hear there may be future distributions of the tokens.

When you ‘poke the team’ can you also remind them that there was a bug when accepting boost tokens from monthly alliance championships that it wouldn’t allow players to receive any of the tournament incubator rewards without the player first using the boost reset token that they currently held.

That bug still existed weeks after it was first noticed since accepting rewards can be delayed for a few weeks after they are first available to be collected.

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When are those boost tokens coming back or are they lol???


When will we see boost reset tokens in JWA again? :thinking:

  • Never again
  • Any day now
  • Maybe next month’s tournament
  • Coming to the store soon

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@Ned If you dont mind can you give the developers another poke because again there are no boost tokens in the championship.
Also is there any more updates on the distribution?


Is there any more information about boost tokens and their distribution, been about 3 to 4 months since our last set.

Like why are they even in the game if your not able to get them just another misleading addition to quiet the community for a couple of weeks.

Also another point if the developers are unsure about them because they are a new feature why are they in the game in the first place. Like 3 to 4 months is long enough to figure out a distribution plan.


Yeah it looks like they will be a once a year thing

We are not having stat boost tokens since more than 2 months, and you guys gave so many buffs and nerfs. Example Ref, Thor, Indo and how can we boost other creatures if we are lack of boosts. So you guys better give tokens as quick as possible



Is there any more news on the distribution of boost tokens???

Surly the developers have had enough time to map out a distribution plan.

Its now been 4+ months since their addition and yet the community have no idea how to obtain them. Thought you wanted to improve your communication with the community :thinking: , however evidence shows the complete opposite.

All we know is that they can be found in the championship incubators however they have only been in 1 for the past 4 months :person_shrugging:


I am pretty sure that they want you to just take the 50% loss on them and buy more.

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I think ludia might forgot the existence of these things. Please ludia we need those essentials in a monthly manner :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m starting to feel like Ludia only gave us those tokens to calm down the playerbase and to make us believe it’ll really be a thing. The last reset was more than a year ago, ever since we only got those 4 tokens, it’s ridiculous… even if we’d get 1 of each every month, it would still take like half a year to unboost our whole team. Which is a looooot of time when it comes to gaming. I’ve had enough of waiting and started to take my boosts off, i’m done holding on and hoping.


They could have avoided this whole boost refund and token debacle had they simply automatically removed all boosts off any creature whose stats they changed in any way.

Adding tokens to the list of pass items would be a good idea.


what are boost tokens?

There are 2 main problems with that in my opinion. It should be kinda basic that when they change any dino, we’d get out boosts back or at least some sort of a discount to do so. But even if we do we still need the tokens. Any relevant creature is somewhat affected by the changes in the game. For example flocks haven’t been touched with this update, yet changing thor has put them in a less favorable position overall. Also we should be able to counter the powecreep somehow, which makes the tokens a very important asset.

That’s why i think by no means they should be included in passes, or in anything alike. Then ludia for sure would make it a part of premium passes which would widen the gap between paying and f2p players even further. Soon reset tokens will become more important than boosts themselves (as more and more people are starting to have more than “enough” boosts) and as that i think it should be distributed equally, giving everyone the same chance to obtain them.



A reply would be greatly appreciated.
Since you stated that you want to improve your communication with the community. :person_shrugging:

Hey @MattCrad01, sorry to have to inform you there is no additional information to give on this subject at the moment. :slightly_frowning_face: