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Boost refund

Just wondering but I’m new to the forums. Will there ever be a “boost refund or reset”?

I very much doubt it .
They’ve been around way too long to make a refund possible.
And a reset would simply mean Ludia wouldn’t be selling any for ages so why would they allow that?


Unless they sold the option for a reset. But there would still be a catch to it.

I could see them doing a reset option but you would only get back a percentage of the boosts; say 50%

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either that or HC for all of it.

That would be a big scam lol…well it’s ludia they only scamming

I wonder how many of us would pay hard cash for a complete boost reset?

I would be tempted if it was say 2000 Dino bucks to do so.

And if they increased the Dino pool for battles to 12 I would still continue buying them to keep things fresh.

Knowing them a percentage and it will cost you HC

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Reason why i ask is cause my son boosted a few random Dino’s when I was saving my boosts. So I basically lost a few tier 6s worth of boosts. I would love an way to get them back. I would pay to reset for sure

Still giving reasons for Ludia to make this even more p2w than ever…