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Boost refunds?

Boosts should not be refunded, people should be cautious on where they use their boosts, and if they want to have all of their eggs in one basket they can do it at their own risk.

That being said, the high refund penalty does lock players in a situation where their teams can be rendered obsolete with every update, discouraging them from playing. It is starting to happen to me.

I say allow for people to be able to refund 10 boosts per week, for free, before they start being penalized.
That would give players some flexibility on changing their team little by little, while not giving them a full blown refund of the boosts.

Moreover, players will have to chose between resetting their teams boosts little by little, or investing those boosts on tournament dinos, without getting the option to completely boost a tournament team, as only the 10 will be refundable for free, given they have not used the refunds already that week.

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10 might be a little too much in ludias eyes, maybe 3-5 is more reasonable.

I get what you mean, it may sound like a lot, but if you think about it, not really, given that you need 180 boosts to have a fully maxed team, you would need about 18 weeks, almost 5 months, to fully reset your team for free, and that’s if you don’t use any boosts on a tournament team.

Yes but in the case of ardentis right now, a person who wants to undo the max boosts would only take 3 weeks…it should take longer than that for the 2 months of terror that it reigned in.

True, but still it’s 3 weeks without being able to redistribute to other creatures.
That being said 7 boosts/week could be a sweetspot, then.
Point is, the issue of the refunds being too expensive to reverse needs to be addressed eventually.

100% boost refunds should be immediately allowed by Ludia.
Not cash refund but boost credit,
which could be re-distributed to other/different dinos.

The main reason is all the constant never-ending updates on dinos that they do. If they keep on doing that, it is only fair (bad word) that we can also “update boosts” via removal from and placement on different dinos.


Boost reset every update please!

Either that or make boosts as freely available as coins- there’s still a limit to how much each creature can be evolved and boosted.

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Well, you know about boosts long before Ludia changes something.

You can remove them from a dino at some cost.

Do that then.

Every single time a creature is “balanced” by nerf or by improvement, it is an admittance by Ludia they made a mistake in playtesting with that creature. It should never be the customer should suffer from a mistake made by Ludia. This game can’t be considered beta anymore. You can’t constantly say, “the customer should know Ludia can’t be trusted” to make a product and the customer should know better so they should suffer for Ludia’s mistakes.

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Nothing is created perfect, and constant changes need to be made to balance things out.
This is even more true after the sheer size of patch 2.0, where it revamped an outstanding amount of things. This happens with almost every online game that is frequently updated.

By your logic the devs should stop balancing the game and leave everyone roaming around with max boosted maximas, so you wont lose your boosts (which by the way, everyone knows, or learns, very well how the game changes with every patch, and it’s up to them if they want to invest everything in a single creature or not)
This sounds like pure entitlement.

Ludia is a company, and companies work for profit, which by the looks of it relies heavily on boost purchases and now coin purchases as of 2.0. And as long as Ludia profits, the game stays alive.
That being said, there is an inherent issue with how the refund system works, that needs to be addressed.

My suggestion simply gives people a way out, without requiring Ludia to give up all of their potential for profit.

I am all for balancing, but I am not all for being treated like a beta tester, for the life of the game. By your logic, Ludia can not be trusted to sell a product. Their word about nothing is going to change and things are stable can’t be trusted, and that since the game can be changed at any moment, players should not invest in this game, and they should know better. That does not sound like a sustainable customer service model.