Boost Removal Tokens - Way to Earn Them

We don’t know yet if boost removal tokens will be a one token per removal or if they may make it so you need like 100 tokens to remove one of the 3 stats.

A great way to push players into using a big variety of creatures in PvP is to make it so you earn a random token for each different creature you use in combat each week.

Say it takes 100 health, damage or speed tokens to remove boosts from one creature. Each week you earn tokens for every different creature you use in PvP. Say you have 30 creatures close to team level, during the week, you play all 30 creatures in PvP and earn about 10 tokens in each stat each week.

  • This will super increase the variety of creatures we play and face.
  • This will give a new reason and goal for playing PvP.
  • With the huge variety of creatures being played, the arena’s will not be so boring facing the same meta creatures every battle.
  • Players will have reason to level up creatures they haven’t played to higher levels to help win as they work for tokens so maybe they don’t drop so far.

As of now, I am stuck in Avairy and will be there for a very long time. I don’t bother to PvP much because… well, what ever for? I’m not progressing but on rare occasion, maybe a little, once in a while. I play a few times to try out the new creatures but with no achievable goal. This is just an idea that may perk up the arena and make things interesting.


No. This would lead to A LOT of chore battles, just to get a token, just like 3 campaign battles in daily missions.

I don’t think there is a lot of players having even close to 30 dinos around team level. Most level up and boost few of them, that they actually plan to use, that greatly speeds up the progress.
There are of course high level tourney teams, lv30 collectors (like me), and a lot of obsolete maxed dinos, but I think that’s great minority of players.

Win incubators, daily incubators and season rewards :slight_smile:


I think the tokens were for every single boost on that creature in that stat

I’ve been patiently waiting for them to tell us how in the world we’ll get those… It’s been what? Four updates since the last boost reset/shuffle? More maybe… A bunch of new creatures and if you’re F2P or just spends occasionally, you’re probably stuck with the same team for ages…