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Boost reset after every battle

I think this would be a great idea and will also bring diversity in the arena. Let’s have the boosts reset after every battle without repeat usage of the same dinosaurs. Also, give a time frame of
24 hours for the ones that have already been used for boosts so that they can be able to be chosen again.

you’re seriously suggesting pressing boost buttons a hundred times before EVERY battle?


While I agree with a boost reset at the start of every new patch…reset every battle is ridiculous for see reason above.


Trust me it will not hurt. You are just pushing a picture of a button in order to achieve an action that flashes on the screen. Anything for more diversity and balance in the arena.

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no, pushing people into RSI doesnt solve any diversity issue, balancing creatures does

What is RSI, if you do not mind me asking?

So I’d have to re-boost all 8 of my creatures before every single battle?


What a goofball idea. If Lydia didn’t give us a boost reset when they shook up the meta at 1.9, they sure as heck won’t even look at this idea :rofl:


Never know they have done stranger things

I think OP is just trying to frame a boosts reset in a way that might actually happen, as any type of boosts reset seems to be of no interest to Ludia as of yet. You are correct, they’ve done much stranger things (read greedier here). Meaning introducing boosts in the first place. Godspeed to you in your quest to coax any kind of boost reset out of them.


repetitive strain injury

Much appreciated

It would not cause any injury. Stop being dramatic. Lol

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The developers might go for this one, in the advantage (for them) of increasing play time.

Pushing the button 100’s of times easily increases their “time played” statistic.

Kudos to the OP for thinking like the developers.


Some people play 100 battles a day, thats 5.000 extra taps just distributing your boosts…

To stay in Picard style:


Thanks lol