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Boost reset and restrict boost leveling

We are coming across many OP Dino’s. Many users ruin the game by just boosting only one Dino. To prevent this please do boost reset and prevent users from boost leveling. Logic can be as - User has to boost at least 8 dinos. E.g. If user completes level 1 boost for all 8 dinos then only he/she should be able to do level 2 boost. Same way after user completes level 2 boost for all 8 dinos then only user can start level 3 boost. Please consider this. It will really prevent OP Dino’s in game and make battle better and enjoyable.

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Nah, let’s ride it out for a bit. Itll never be perfect


Reset will likely happen soon.

Limiting on boosting all 8 creatures to same lvl is not good idea. We all have different priorities boosting creatures. Current problem is that some overboost one or two creatures and others can’t do that, cause of equally boosting most of team dinos. Gap between P2W and F2P players keeps growing and can be lowered within reasonable time.


I think it’s been done enough to restrict boosting by the level cap. The rest is all about free choice. If they decide to put all the boosts into 1 or 2 dinos they have all the right to do so, annoying as It might be for some people. No one should be obligated to boost all 8 dinos If they’re not sure of their team yet.

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I agree it’s individual choice but not having any restriction on level cap is not good for game. What fun it is to battle OP Dino? There are so many good Dino’s which can be properly boosted. OP Dino’s are creating lot of imbalance. Imagine facing 150 speed Thor. So I feel boosting should be controlled. I m ok with any logic as long as one OP Dino is restricted. Thanks. I respect your point of view.

Sounds like a good idea in theory, but what about the people who don’t have 8 endgame dinos? Are they supposed to boost rubbish just to be able to boost their one dino that’s for sure going to be on their endgame team? I don’t think it’s healthy to discourage saving and being smart with boosts.


This is the kind of bs people often get caught against

I think that if you’re expecting change you will be disappointed. You need to look not at playability, but profitability - that is what Ludia is after and I am sure they fully understand the trade offs. The ‘boost reset’ was demanded by players, but Ludia manipulated it in such a way as to make it an even greater profit center. Win-win, well okay, maybe not so much. The recent boost ‘sales’ show some signs of desperation.

Anyway… not to be a naysayer, but I don’t see this happening.

Ludia is maximizing their profits by devaluing the boosts. Player lifecycle will soon weed out most of us who have been here a while and would be leaving anyway. New players don’t know the history of it, so why would they change?

I see those 6 boost sales the same way i saw all those boost sales right before boost 2.0 Ludia tring to make as much as they can off the current system before they admit defeat and lower the cost either of boosts or of the lower tiers.

The ones still buying boosts are gonna be pretty upset if the decide to lower the costs of boosts. But itll be ok cause theyll be lowering the costs for everyone.

Lowering the cost of the first few tiers would stimulate some short term purchasing of boosts but after those tiers we would be right back to where we are now with most unwilling to purchase a tier for 2k hard cash.

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Instead of the exponential pricing as it was before, or the flat pricing as it is now, what if the pricing was set as a linear progressive pricing such as 10 per tier. Tier 1 would cost 10, tier 12 would be 120 (780 accumulated), etc. To purchase all 20 tiers in one stat would be an accumulated cost of 2100 (100 more than what it currently is). Lower tiers would be more affordable but unlike the exponential system, players wouldn’t be able to purchase all the way to just a few levels from the top for a low rate. Up to level 10 each tier would be cheaper than the current system and higher than 10 would be more expensive. Accumulated total it would be cheaper until you purchased Tier 19.

Wanted to add that with this type boost pricing it is also more expensive to put all the boosts on just one or two stats. Using a level 24 for examples;

Take 2 stats to T10 and one to T4 costs 1200 accumulated. Average 50 boosts per tier.

Take 2 stats to T11 and one to T2 costs 1350 accumulated. Average 56.25 boosts per tier.

Take 2 stats only to T12 costs 1560 accumulated. Average 65 boosts per tier.

Take 1 stat to T20 and one to T4 costs 2200 accumulated. Average 91.67 boost per tier.

Take all 3 stats to T8 costs 1080 accumulated. Average 45 boost per tier.

In the current system every one of them would cost 2400 accumulated. So this would be cheaper than the current system (except of course T19 accumulated cost would be the same as now and a T20 accumulated cost would be more).

If a new player wanted to boost two stats up to T5 it would cost 300 accumulated with this system instead of 1000. Three stats to T5 would be 450 accumulated instead of 1500.

The higher the tiers a player purchases into the more they will spend on average for all their boosts on that dinosaur.

Spreading out the boosts across more dinosaurs cost less per boost overall.

When it’s no more expensive to move from level 15 to 16 than it is from 1 to 2, is it any surprise to see rats with 17 boosts on damage or speed all over the place?
Or Thor with 18 boosts ploughed into speed or damage? Why wouldn’t you?

The old system wasn’t perfect but at least it was fair to new players as well as us old timers.

The new system was simply a way for Ludia to double their income from boost sales over a longer period of time. I said as much as soon as they were launched but everyone else seemed to be happy. I was certainly seen as a naysayer, but I think we can see the reality now. It’s as clear as day.

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I like the idea

I’d like this idea more if it started at 20 and doubled each tier, slow everything down around mid way.

Do you mean start boosting at level 20 or start pricing at 20 boosts? With a T10 system or T20?

The old doubling (exponential) system going to T10, slowing down didn’t start until a player reached about 75% of max boosts for a stat. Returning to a doubling system we had before but going to T20 slows most players down at around 35% and stops the remainder around 50% (anything above T10 wouldn’t be needed and wouldn’t be worth the cost. To go all the way to T20 would cost a whopping 2,097,150 accumulated boosts).

A Fabernocci system (starting at 2) would slow most players down at around 50% and would pretty much stop the rest at 70%. Again, anything above T14 wouldn’t be needed and begins costing more than it’s worth. To go all the way to T20 would cost 46,365 accumulated boosts.

I think it’s okay to be able to put 20 boosts on a stat, But personally feel the amount each boost increases a stat is too much when it can increase a health or damage stat by up to 50% (equivalent to close to 10 levels). Speed increases by up to ~30%-33% depending on the creature. I would lower the boost amount on any stat to 0.5% which would give a max increase of 10% (~2 levels). But that would be an unpopular opinion with those that want to buy easy kills.

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I meant 20 40 80 160 320 640 etc. That way the 1st few tiers are cheap but it takes a while to reach mid tiers.

I think boosts should go like this. Get dino to level 30 any excess dna gets repurposed into stats. Everyone hunts still and end game players are happy. People still buy incubators. Everyone wins

Yeah, for the first week the resets were good. Lots of people didn’t have them. Now we are right back to where we were but at a higher cost. Clearly just a cash grab on Ludia’s part.

Would have been super easy to fix this issue, but they would rather take the low road and try to monetize it to the detriment of the players.

Like I said, wait until you hit Library with the 6,000+ health boosted Thors that do 2,500 base damage. .

There is no simple solution to the boost issue. Too many people have put in too.much money for the easy solutions. I got flamed for even daring to suggest removing boosts.

Simple solutions do not work. They only destroy the game more. Look at the mess that is Nublar Shores.