Boost reset coins for sale?!

As we can see the actual pass gives you some coins for the reset of boosts. In particular for all the 3 coins needed for a complete reset they want 45,00 euros.

This is in my opinion a shame considered that the reset tool should be a way to compensate the constant obsolescence of dinos that is nowadays a normal feature of the game.
They said that these coins could be found in tournament rewards and this happened only once and never again.
Now they come out with this new idea of selling.
Then 45 euros? For real? A necessary feature of the game that costs like a game for console or an hardware. I hope nobody give you those money honestly.

Players trusted the game during this years and what they get back is just getting squeezed as citrus fruits for the time that they dedicated to this game.

Too bad Jwa


A bit late to the topic and I think Lydia probably understands this. There was an outrage about this when the pass came out. Im sure Ludia knows about everyone’s outrage. They just don’t care.


Even if ludia does put boost reset tokens for sale in the shop, they will probably cost like 1000 cash a piece, but at least they wont be so rare to find.

1000 is very generous of you. Considering you can get back 2,000 boosts from one of them, ludia would probably price them close to market value of that.

Would really suck for the cadual player to be priced out of that option tho.


Correct, all Jam City cares about is getting your money away from your wallet.

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