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Boost Reset Could be happening sooner than i thought!

No boosts in the shop today weird cus there always there every Wednesday and Sunday.


Yeah noticed that unless it’s a mistake they have made

Yet there is a boost strike on the map.
Boost sales are not on specific days, they are a bit random. Sometimes there’s a boost sale when the 3 day tournament starts, sometimes there isn’t.
I wouldn’t expect it soon, I think they wanna do it right this time.

No it’s every weds and Sunday normally a sale

Says what rulebook?

Puzzled about the lack of boosts at store. Seems like a common trend towards 2.0?


Actually no boosts and no offer either! Ludia is slipping!

If you’ve been playing the game long enough you would know its been like it for months


I also know that there have been boost sales on Fridays too. And again, there’s a strike on the map.

Sales in the store are never predictable. Maybe the figured that had enough sales for a while and they would skip one to make up for it, to increase anticipation for the next one.
Why would boost sales stop if the reset is coming?

Anyway, keep on predicting what Ludia does, it’s good fun to see you guys guess :slight_smile:

They probley would of stopped them whilst sorting the reset out yes i agree they have had them on Fridays but very rarely. Regardless though I’m not to fussed about sales as I don’t agree with them I just commented from what I’ve seen the last few months.

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True, there seems to be a pattern.
It’s actually confirmed that today’s missing sale is not a mistake.
I wonder what a good moment would be for a boost reset. I think right at the end of a month tournament, and since we already started I think not before the beginning of November.

Boost reset will most likely happen just before Ludia walks out the door for a long holiday period.


How about we just ask? @Ned it seems boosts aren’t for sale today, Wednesday, when they typically have been in the past. Is this intentional?

Hey Somedinoguy, this was intentional. Sadly, there is no Stats Boosts sale planned for today.


is this because of the boost reset coming @Ned ?

Cool thanks. Perhaps an official announcement letting people know would be in order? (Aka, none at all, or just not Wed’s, or what’s the plan until boost 2.0 is rolled out)

Thanks! :grin:


Boost sales have normally been wed and sun. They only sold them on fridays for tourneys starting with boosts active. If a tourney was boosts disabled, they wouldn’t sell on Friday.


I think it’ll be closer to the end of the year but I can’t deny the possibility that the positive response they got from this boost change may push them to do it sooner than expected

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I’m hoping for halloween. Or Thanksgiving day latest. But knowing then it could be new years eve