Boost reset due to wrong info on 2.3

When will we get a boost reset due to the wrong information being on the notes for 2.3. Seems only fair!!


I do think it’s really unfair they’ve lead people to believe phorus would get its double rampage back and then didn’t. Not that I mind that they didn’t because it’s a ridiculous amount of damage that thing can do but if I were to use it I would have put a lot of boosts into the thing as well based on what was announced…


I agree a boost reset should happen but it probably won’t .


We need a boost reset after every update or once a month, in my opinion, idk


No more boost resets. Instead use this as a lesson in boosting before the update is released.


No more? Wait until something you boost becomes obsolete.


A coin refund as well would be appreciated by those who levelled up phorusaura to bring back to their team… Stupid me.


There are so many things wrong with your assessment. First of all, you don’t know me, so don’t say I won’t boost “anything” because of one instance where I refuse to use Monolometrodon. Second of all, with no boost resets, a creature is subject to a nerf regardless of jumping the gun at the viewing of notes or afterwards. So a shuffle will make sure no hard earn boosts are wasted. How could anyone even be sour about this?


You will be when even more Thor get over boosted by people joining the party. Thor right now is a byproduct of the last boost reset. Or would you prefer something else be over boosted? Mid to upper library is already over flowing with nitro Thor or max attack Thor. Would you like more of that or maybe something worse? I surely don’t which is why I do not now nor will I ever support more resets

Everything has a ceiling. My Thor counters are moving up and will eventually be able to be unthreatened by them. A shuffle would help me stabilize my more finalized roster. Everybody has a reason for hopes of a reset. Crutch dinos will always be around, but if you strategize to build your team wisely, it’s more worthwhile in the long run.

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Have a read.


If that’s your actual opinion then why all the complaining in Thor threads? A boost reset allows those crutch dinos to get stronger or faster or even higher health and they become a bigger problem.

At some point though there has to be some personal accountability, no one makes someone boost without seeing the finished product. Patience would be more prudent especially with this game

While I agree that some patience can help you wait to boost something worthwhile, patches each month determine how worthwhile something actually is, and if you can’t reset with each patch, it’s always a risk. So it’s a vicious cycle, but some creatures are more of a safe bet than a gamble, like Tryko and Thor, to an extent, being a blunt force unique.

My complaints about Thor have always been about how easy it is to over level. Over boosting them is just the snowball effect from that issue.

Over boosting Thor is a product of the last boost reset. Of course ease of access to components doesn’t help either. I could list my grievances with that mistake but that’d just derail the thread.

Trusting patch notes though means you’re placing a lot of trust in Ludia that I’m not sure is deserved.

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Oh I’m not defending the patch notes trust lol counting your chickens before they hatch and all that

I just believe shuffles are healthy for the game overall.


mmm No, The last boost reset Thor got 2 impacts

I just don’t think once a month is right. I very well could be wrong though. Wouldn’t be the first time lol

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And over boosted by a lot of people

I could be wrong too, it seems like a good idea but I’m also wondering if I’m not feeling the truly dangerous effects of that at my current position in the game standings. I just want to get the boosts off my creatures that are falling behind the rest of my team :weary:

No, they refound the boost from it