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Boost reset event please

So many new Dino’s. So many ok’d ones have been upgraded. Can we please get a boost reshuffle event?
Thank you for listening.
Peace and Love


Yes please.


No please.

Firstly, the apexes are all gonna be boosted and will inevitably create havoc in the arena and many, many posts here (can we please limit the possible amount of apexes in a selected team to two??); secondly it’s a source of revenue and if people can completely switch all possible boosts (up to 240) on their strike team for free all the time, there is no incentive to spend anymore. Thirdly, remember that you will still hit the inevitable wall in the arena somewhere, this will not change when you reboost you strike team: others will do exactly the same.

But I agree something needs to happen since there is an ongoing rebalancing of dinos with every update, especially since there are often new moves added to the mix. Some options have been raised already, e.g. full boost-back option in the shop on one creature, or a free reboost of one that has undergone big changes.

Please no boost reshuffle as everyone will pile boosts on the apex creatures and make the arena even worse than it is now .

But if Ludia do decide on a boost reshuffle only let the creatures which have been nerfed have boosts taken off if they have them .

Yes please. And sooner rather than later.

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I actually think this isn’t a bad idea every 2-3 updates. The updates that drastically change creatures I mean. Waiting 4 updates this time is perfectly ok since the last two updates haven’t really changed meta’s or creatures abilities drastically. But it does need to be done on the regular so that it keeps peoples interest in creating new creatures and playing. Will I like seeing 124 speed Mortems with 3000 Attack, and 5600 HP no I won’t but I will deal with it (I understand that combination may not be possible I didn’t pull up the toolbox and punch in the numbers to find out). There are creatures on my team I would love to replace now, Gemini instead of using Ardentis, Mortem instead of Phora, Hadro instead of say Grypho. There may be more but I have those creatures boosted and if they don’t do a reshuffle event then likely they will remain on my team because I refuse to give Ludia back half the boosts.


Asking for boost reset now is a complete waste of time. At least use some sense and wait until 2.6 when there is likely lots of rebalancing.


Yes of course the APEXes will get boosted. What’s the point of getting them if you’re not going to use them? APEXes are coming into arena whether you like it or not.

Secondly, there are plenty of reasons to continue to get boosters - tournaments.


Exactly, everyone could have seen it coming that apexes would dominate… so obviously the boost reset and shuffle event was a good way to explore but also to save boosts, and not a way to use them up like crazy. And now start begging/ crying/ asking for a boost reset because you have little left and cant compete (which again brings me to my third point).

Unless they rigorously rebalance many dinos, it’s just not required. Or one of the options I suggested.

I hope we will get an undo button++.
Like i pay 1000 hc to reshuffel 1 dinos boosts.
I dont know how expansiv this has to be, but i would like to replace my boosts after ludia hitting my unique with nerf after nerf (smilo for me).


What’s even more obvious is the fact that everybody knew they were coming since 2.0 came out, and we’re about to get 2.6… It’s not like BAM you got one out of nowhere, so if they started saving their boosts on day one, they would not need/ask for a boost reset today… Well, I’ll be honest, in my case, I barely boosted Mortem (I use it for raids only after all) but my Hadros and now Cera that I got this week are already fully boosted.

Soooooo true. When I saw the title for this thread, I thought… Wow, 2.6 was leaked somewhere, and balancing is so bad that we are already getting the usual wave of “please reset”. I didn’t even read the thread right away, and instead I went searching for the leak on Gamepress :slight_smile: So now I can only laugh at myself…

Can we please have a boost shuffle. That is all. @Ludia_Developers @Mona @Ned @moderators


Hey Dilo, I understand that Stat Boosts reset events and similar features are one of the more popular suggestions, and the feedback has been forwarded to our team. However, we can’t make promises on when they will happen again, sadly.


Thanks for your reply Ned. I really hope the developers see how boost shuffles help with game player moral. Especially those of us that have been with you guys from the beginning. @Ludia_Developers @Ned @moderators @Shadoe-Ray


If Ludia is going to keep nerfing our strongest dinos after we make our teams, i think we deserve a boost reset.


Exactly. If they are going to “rebalance” the dinos then we should be able to “rebalance” our dinos as well by having the ability to move boosts around without penalty. @moderators @Ludia_Developers @Shadoe-Ray especially considering we either paid for them or worked hard playing their game to get them.


It’s been said on here amber club member have been told of upcoming boosts resets/shuffle in the future. So I wouldn’t expect to much of an advanced notification. My guess is shortly after the big balancing patch that they keep pushing back we will be told of some kind of boost event. I don’t expect it right after the patch though… probably a few weeks after with a one week notice similar to what happened with the last shuffle.

I really think there is gonna be a period where we will be tempted to refund due to meta changes and no word on boost reset before the reset comes.


A single boost reset is not enough. Then we’ll just be stuck again with the same team and the same opponents for a year until the next event.

I want to try out different creatures and strategies. This goes the other way too - I want to battle opponents with different creatues and strategies, With no balancing and no moving boosters we are just fighting the same stuff over and over.


I’ve been waiting for SO LONG to take indoraptor off my team, I literally can’t because I need it’s boosts to put on its replacement. I haven’t been able to get boosts from the tower battles for about a month an a half now…