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Boost reset event please

That’s all well and good but a) boost shuffle/resets aren’t going to increase that much in frequency. Outside of glitches and 2.0 we’ve only ever had one boost shuffle event just cause. If we lucky we will get 1-2 a year and that’s if we’re lucky.

Ludia doesn’t care about arena diversity… they literally give us a small meta to work. We are spoiled with diversity compared to the first few years of this game. But I really just don’t see Ludia going for a big meta hasn’t been their style. 2.6 looks to be the first time they’ve added something to the meta without also taking something away.

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Ludia “rebalances” dinos all the time. Like I mentioned, if ludia is going to “rebalance” when they please then we should be able to “rebalance” as we please by being able to move around boosts without penalty. By either eliminating the 50% refund and allowing a full refund at all times or by integrating boost shuffles as a recurring event in the game. @moderators @Ludia_Developers @Shadoe-Ray


$49.99 boost shuffle. Coming to the market near you


I mean I would like a boost reset, I can see how this can cause some problems in the arena… cough nitro apex cough cough nitro thors again cough cough, but in some cases in can bring some diversity, not a lot but a bit, would certainly help me with starting to build a good ovilophosaur and my sneks. Besides, I think a boost reshuffle or reset would be more appropriate when the big arena fix is here and ludia decides to balance out a few of the creatures that are a bit out of line.


LOL you’re probably right :joy::joy:

LudEA: Coming Soon

Yeah, I was planning on making my Eddie battle ready when the next reset comes, probs gonna replace touramoloch.

There are counters for everything. If everyone is throwing nitro thors at you, get a Smilo on your team and get a free kill. And if there’s something that can’t be countered in anyway, well, then a quick rebalance is needed. The only problem is when there is no reset and no rebalance because then we are STUCK with the same meta and fighting the same fights over and over.

Look at what the big games are doing. They encourage teams to try out new comps and strategies so that the meta keeps evolving because that’s what keeps the game interesting.


You have a point. I find myself really enjoying AI battles because the dinos are different and levels of boosts are different also. If players had the ability to move around boosts without penalty, we wouldn’t face the same dinos every match. The arena would actually become fun again. Ludia really needs to listen to their players when they say something would make their game more fun :joy::joy::joy::woman_facepalming:t2:

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If you had this as an unlimited ability Ludia would cease to make money once people had enough boosts to fill a team. I like the idea but fiscally it’s a non starter for them unless they charged for it.

Yes but we do deserve the occasional no penalty refund period because what happens now is no different, you get 8 level 30 max boosted dinos and roll with it endlessly. Essentially no reset doesn’t mean buying more boosts it means a stale meta

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Everybody who think a boost reset would bring in diversity, do you have any clue what would happen if there was a boost reset tomorrow? Everybody would more than likely run the 4 Apex… And quite likely two swappers, and two anti-swapper… The next day, everybody would be complaining about the total lack of diversity… Enough to make most players quit the game!


Ludia made like 25 million dollars the first year the game was available. Boosts weren’t even a thing back then :joy:

Actually that 25k was the first six months… 40 million in the first 9 months.

This games revenue dropped dramatically because of boosts. Because of the huge playerbase drop that happened shortly after it. Even at its peak boosts didn’t hit the revenue during those first 6 months.

Jwa does like 900k a month on iOS and less then that on android.

But Ludia is all in on boosts at this point sadly.

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25 million is nothing for a company with this sort of backing.

boost was implemented into the game to get prevent too many speedties in the arena, speedties has always been an annoying problem, but then the introduction of boosts has ruined the game in a different way, what they should do is to lessen the effect boosts are doing to the dinos (especially speed) and/or add extra levels for the dinos or figure out a way to avoid both speedties and the current boost imbalance in the game. If they do so it wont stop them from earning money (especially for the extra levels part) and at the same time the arena is more balanced, you might still see overleveled creatures but they cant be too fast that changes how the class system works

Ludia averages 4 million a month in sales across all 100 titles… that 25 million is half a year of revenue from them.

Exactly. So letting us shuffle boosts without penalty isn’t going to break them.

I remember that. So many OG players said buh-bye because of boosts.

One event every now and then, sure. What was proposed earlier is what amounts to a free for all move boosts as you see fit, anytime. I guarantee that will not fly for their revenue model.