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Boost reset event please

I’ve proposed this as well as many others. As is typical from Ludia, they dont communicate anything until the last minute. It’d terrible

That’s what I’ve never understood about Ludia. They have to know by now that boosts are toxic and not the major revenue stream they thought they would be. All they had to do is increase creature level limit from level 30 to 40 and have levels correspond with even more coins to level up. 300K coins for level 31, 400K coins for level 32, etc. That would have extended the endgame, kept end game players hunting, led to more coin sales, and helped alleviate the speed tie problem.

All they really had to do is come up with some sort of speed tie system that doesn’t rely on factors outside the game to be the deciding factor.

Not saying adding Dino levels would have been bad.

But adding in all these possible subsystems to fix what is essentially a terrible system is just temporary fixes… players reach max boost or new max level and speed ties are atleast more common again if not back all together.

Speed ties should have been fixed back when Ludia got the idea of this current system with a quick “no that’s a terrible idea” by the games lead designer.

I agree with that but a speed tie solution doesn’t solve revenue problem for Ludia. They needed to come up with both as a solution. Speed ties mechanism to make matches more fair and increased creature levels to address revenue generation. I think they would have made quite a bit more revenue taking that route VS relying on dwindling P2W base with boosts.

Yeah but they didn’t have a revenue problem until after they added boosts. And the first iteration of boosts didn’t even attempt at solving the speed tie system… because their was no variation of speed there was just those who had speed boosts and those that didn’t.

Like adding levels would have been fine if they had been implemented on its own.

Adding levels to do damage control for a terrible speed tie system just delays the issue.

And neither boosts or additional levels does a thing for skill tournaments.

Why Ludia do you ask us what we want and then totally ignore us . You asked us if we wanted more ore regular boost resets and then ignore us as can’t see how the majority said no and if so PROOVE IT.

I say not at this point. I used to want one but after Cera, and how many fully boosteds I am already seeing, It would just mess it all up and all you’d wind up seeing is 3 or 4 apexes, rhino, Tryke, nitro thor and the croc or tenoIt would become more stale than it already is.

Well I mean we got apexes to use lol the I don’t want a boost reset because people will boost the apexes they worked for is a terrible excuse


We got more than 100 dinos, so instead of begging for a boost reset every weeks, then why not just giving us 50000 free boosts so we could boost them all and use any of them as we wish? That won’t likely happen because boosts are the most valuable item in this game even if some players do not get that. So for now, we have to play the game as it was designed, and it’s way much harder to get boosts than getting the Apexes themselves… So, since 2.0, players had basically only two choices: Either keep two or three of their team dinos unboosted or boost 8 dinos right back and beg for a reset again later on. I personally think that the players who picked the first option had to work much harder than the second ones (who I guess never saw the Apexes coming?) So it’s not a question of “I don’t want people to boost their apexes they “worked” for”… It’s a question of: “forgetting about boosts being the most valuable items in this game, and not planning apexes ahead, and then simply asking for a reset every weeks” Honestly, I think that currently, it’s the fact that some players do not plan ahead that makes this game diverse enough to be playable… And the day after a boost reset, those same players would likely come back here to complaint that everybody is now using the same 8 dinos in their teams…

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So 1 small issue with your paragraph. I don’t spend real money on boosts I spend all the free hard cash I get (usually the 500 for 25 deal) once a week and I make sure I max out my freebies everyday and I have a fully boosted team and a lot left over. At this point I’d say boosts aren’t that hard to come by anymore. I don’t want the reset until the full balance update is revealed but at that time I think it should be broadcast as incoming

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Totally agree with you. I’m in the same boat as I’ve just recently past the 240 boosts inventory, yeah! Likely the same for every players who have been grinding hard since the beginning of the game. So, the current situation is: Either some players put those boosts back right away in their old teams, or they kept some for the Apexes (2 or 3 slots) while playing unboosted dinos… Hence, the nice variety we are seeing right now. Nothing would be worst for this game than a boost reset now. With the Apex pushing level 28 and even 29 for the lucky ones, nobody would be foul enough to put their boosts in their old dinos. We would end up fighting the same 8 to 12 dinos all the time (Currently we are at about 20).

I like to switch up my team during boost resets and try new stuff until then I’m stuck with the same 8 dinos permanently bc I am not working with very many boosts about 50 total and trying to make something meta viable in avairy without boosts is impossible and I still need to boost my raid dinos to make them work I’m sure it’s fine when you have 250+ but few players have millions like that

Start saving then.

Hi , so we are waiting like about 5 months for a boost reset event , any idee when the next one come ? I think its about the time to lets Player have change to do some changes

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If we put boosts on our dinos and then Ludia change aspects of those dinos in nerfing and buffing then it’s only fair we should be able to then reset boosts and change are dinos cause Ludia mucked them around.

there has been no official mention of when we will have another boost reset or shuffle event, or if we’ll even get one again