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Boost reset for next update please

With all the new dinos coming (and already here) the metal is changing and people want a fresh start with the new meta. I say give us a boost reset/shuffle in the next update

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I say that they should give us resets in the middle of each update or at least every other one, honestly. Give some folks time to test out the new creatures, see if they like them, and allow them to strong-arm them into the team.

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jeeze. we just had one.
let us figure out how meta the new creatures are before we go resetting boosts again.


We had one not long ago…

But i would like a option to reset boosts all the time.
Something like this → pay 500/1000 Hc to reset 1 dinos boosts without the 50% penalty.

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We’ve literally just had one :sweat_smile: don’t blow them all at once?

That seems way too steep. Maybe pull a zero off of each one of those numbers.

Not really, it stays in line with Ludia’s current system