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Boost Reset in exchange of... CASH?

Hello everyone

As we all know, boosts are the limiting factor in this game, in the current situation, when we have already bet on a team and spent all the boosts available on it, we are doomed to that team even if we manage to raise other creatures to level 30 will never be playable.

Also, since this game is constantly changing (nerfs, buffs, skill changes, new apex dinos, etc …) and considering that the boosts are here to stay, I think that speaking on behalf of all it is necessary to give us the option to reset our assault team boosts for a significant cost of resources. For example, with an initial cost of 100 HC in the first reset, 250 HC in the second, 500 HC in the third, 1000 HC in the fourth reset and onwards a fixed cost of 2000 HC.

This would not decrease your company’s revenue, players could adapt to the constant changes in the game, and there would be much more diversity of playable dinos that would extend the gameplay of your players tired of repeating the same attacks in the arena over and over again.

I hope this request reaches some game developer, for the good of all. @Ned



Or you could not use boosts on dinosaurs that are not end game. Everytime there is a major change in dinos stats or move sets there has been a boost reset. There has already been two resets. If you put boosts into dinosaurs that are no longer viable that’s your mistake you have to live with it.

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This would definitely help.
I don’t want to wait until I have my end game team to use my boosts, I’d like to experiment more.
I only started playing in March this year and it already feels stale and boring :joy:

Why in a game with 200+ characters, should we use only 10-12 of them? counting those used in the top500. Trying out new strategies, combos, or just being able to change teams should be an option.

Lets assume this, we will not be high end without thousands of euros in our pockets to spend on boosts, so why dont we have fun in the meantime?


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This would be awesome for arena changes and allow more fun in advantage tourneys as well.

Should get a boost reset every new season. Who would it hurt. You wanna boost same dinos. Boost them. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Hey LoironJWAF, thanks for sharing your suggestion with us! :slight_smile:


As if the game is not pay2win enough already. Essentially you want to create an even larger gap between whales and casual players, which in this matchmaking system will inevitably produce even worse matches.
Besides, that “functionality” is already available in the game, just not for the price you propose. You can reset your boosts for free and then pay 500 HC for 25 boosts. Maybe some “hardcore” players do that :man_shrugging: What you propose will theoretically decrease the company’s revenue by A LOT, since:

Now - free boost reset / you get 50% of the boosts back / for 100 boosts which are merely 1 level you get 50 back and have to pay for 50 again = 1000 HC

Proposed - 2000 HC boost reset (let’s assume the highest value here) / you get ALL your boosts back for all levels, no need to purchase anything = 2000 HC flat rate in exchange for way more boosts, depending on the levels you boosted the creature. And this is, again, the highest value.

The only way this could be beneficial to Ludia is if a lot of players start doing it; however and I can’t stress that enough, it won’t solve any of the Arena problems. People will just boost whatever is OP in this version of the game (currently Maxima and Tryko mostly) and will again play the same few dinos, just even more boosted. You can’t have any sort of diversity in the game with bad balancing and even worse matchmaking. Boosts could have solved issues, if they were implemented in a better way…

Feels like a penalty to players if this happens.

Not really. Reality is that as it is right now very few of us refund ALL boost loosing that 50% to buy more immediately afterwards. You just keep what you got and battle the same dinos over and over again.

People would spend that cash on resets, and Ludia would gain its benefits from that.

The more balancing to the creatures, more resets, and more benefits for Ludia. Seems fair to me that they get paid to balance/improve our game. But let us adapt to changes and lets move out of the TOP10 dinos. This makes the game so boring at the end of the day.

Ok, and what’s the problem with that? This player will have the other creatures in their team without boosts, and 1 OP dino and Ludia will be richer?
Others will invest the refunded boost in other viable teams

Why? it is not! More options ingame that benefit everyone.

Also keep in mind RAIDS and minions, in our alliance ppl is spending boosts to help others progress with actual opponents. A change in minions might not need a Erlikospix with 162 speed, and in the future we might need to boost other dinos exclusively for raid progress, letting our strike team down.

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Raids were a game changer and suddenly I’m out of boosts.
I quit buying them when I no longer needed them.
Now that I need them… They quit selling them.
Take my money Ludia!

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People may have boosted something for a raid and then realized they boosted it wrong. Being able to get a full refund will help us fix that


Maybe, maybe not… I don’t have the statistic for that and I guess neither do you :slight_smile: We can’t be sure if enough people would buy boost resets if they are offered as HC items, as opposed to people buying more boosts because they need them for a new or newly buffed dino. If people find it cheaper to reset and re-apply boosts instead of buying more boosts (which would potentially be a lot more expensive as it is now), then boosts sales will drop and that most likely won’t be offset by the HC sold for resets.

Except there is hardly any balancing going on really. The lack of balance is the main reason we all play with the same team with hardly any variations. How many teams in top 500 do NOT have Tryko, Maxima and Magna right now?
Oh, and Ludia get paid to develop the game, worry not - by VIPs and people who buy HC for anything, not necessarily boosts.

It’s not a question of Ludia being richer or not. I doubt this is your main priority to suggest what you suggested. The point is that when you make it easier for people to redistribute boosts, they will boost the same overpowered creatures like everyone else in the current meta and (because they can do it more easily) and there will be even less variety. If boosts are free to redistribute - yes, there may be more variety, still depending on the barely existing balance in the game. But if boosts are easier to redistribute for people who are willing to pay - this is I think the worst of both worlds; less variety AND the game becoming even more pay2win with worse matchmaking, respectively. At least now some players who rushed to boost again indoraptors and procerats after 2.0 are probably stuck with those or paying the hefty price of boost resets.

I also invested quite heavily in Erlidom right after 2.0 and I wish I could take it back for 100 HC, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t really want Arena becoming even worse than it already is.

One thing has nothing to do with the other, you may reset stats boosts but you always will be needing more to improve in the game. So stats boosts sales would remain the same, what we are talking here is to add a new feature. At some point most of us would do a stat boost reset, after addition of new hybrids, new patch, new bosses, or maybe just after being upset playing the same creatures in arena for a long time.

That really makes no sense to me, this is already happening and always will do as far as exist people spending real money on this game. As i said before, although you reset your boosts, you will always need more to improve in arena.

The goal here is to have decision-making power over how we want to play and not condition the game for the next 6 months by the decision of a day and in a given (and likely to change) game environment.

Yes, i do! Neither you nor I have done a FULL stat boost reset with the 50% penalty, this is already 100% of the people surveyed.

Ehem. Definitly yes, most players would reset stat boosts at some point. Don’t know at which start price (100 HC, 1000HC, or 10000 HC) but would happen for sure.