Boost reset (Poll)

There are several options how Ludia can manage boost resets.
What is obvious that players are unable to react on nerfs/buffs without a chance for minor/major boost reset. Especially when Apex unlocked we need it even more.
Ludia is deaf and announced nothing regarding boost reset so this pool bringing some options:

Boost reset
  • Partial reset (1-2 dinos) with minor update
  • Full reset (all dinos) with major update
  • Every 3 months (1-2 dinos) regardless update
  • Every 6 months (all dinos) regardless update

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Some of these options are not mutually exclusive, so it’s a bit confusing


It is related to game update or fixed time frame.
There are other options of course but no matter what would be the right one we need to force Ludia make it happen to keep this game playable.
Their “tool” how to ballance this game is via nerfs/buffs which is OK. But we need some “tool” as well to keep a step so they should give us regular boost resets…

I think there should be a full reset every update.


Or at least every 2 updates

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2 updates are many

Maybe not a full on Reset, but instead with every major update, have the boost Reshuffle.

This way, players don’t have to constantly put boosts on the creatures that are still meta-relevant and haven’t been nerfed. But if they do have one or two creatures on their team that took a nasty nerf and/or lost their meta-relevance (if they had any), the option is still there for the players to remove that individual creature’s boosts.


I don’t want any more full boost resets. My creatures are set up pretty much how I want them. However, I’d like a boost shuffle event (where we can remove and re-add boosts with no penalty for a period of time) every once in a while. If every update is too often, then every three or four months would be fine. Even just twice a year would be okay.


Partial reset on a nerf, perhaps. But it’s part of the game to anticipate for this, so preferably never again any boost reset.
There’s a refund mechanism for a reason, and it doesn’t give it all back because it’s supposed to teach you to use it wisely.


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I agree, but the current system makes you unable to make changes in your team. I think the refund should be 100%. Boosts need a rework.

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I went for full on major update but I’d caveat that by saying no more than once per year.

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So how many players have a Dino or two in their team that they wish they hadn’t boosted so much?
Probably not as many as there would have been before the last reset I’d wager.

We can look at this in two ways - the first being that we should be aware that Ludia may nerf the Dino we are boosting (monolometrodon at the moment must be a candidate) and it’s our fault for falling into the trap.
Yoshi, incomeraptor gen2, Monomimus, Monostegotops etc…are prime examples.

The other way of looking at it is that we should have the opportunity to get the boosts back on ANY Dino that Ludia nerf as soon as they nerf it. This would be my choice and it seems only fair.

Getting a full reset is over the top, and unnecessary but will give a bit of variety in the lower arenas I suppose.


Ludia’s nerfs are also completely unpredictable. OP creatures are obviously unsafe investments (although there’s no telling how long you’ll be waiting for the expected nerf, taking Procera as an example, and there’s no telling if the creature will become unusable or remain relevant, as with Tryko when it lost Medium Resilient Counter) but underpowered ones get nerfed all the time too (Spinoconstrictor and Smilonemys are prime examples, as well as Ankylosaurus G2 although I doubt anyone boosted that last one) as well as the occasional balanced creature (Monostegotops, and I remember the outburst when Magna was nerfed in HP back when the rat had swap-in Rampage).

Until Ludia’s nerfs and buffs gain a clear direction, I don’t think the players should be expected to account for anything they might cook up.


How about every update each player gets 1-3 “reset tokens” depending on the level of changes. These are 1 time use items that refunds ALL boosts assigned to a creature. This means if a user decides to reset a creature because of a change, they can do but it also doesn’t mess up everyone’s teams or advantage tournaments.

It’s there to make Ludia money actually

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Just do a boost shuffle event like every 3 months. Who likes being locked into using the same dinos over and over? :yawning_face:

It allows for us to mix it up, or atleast try things. People will still be buying more boosts still.

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Where is option “No reset at all, learn to plan your boosts”?


I hate to say it because it is an unpopular opinion, but I fully agree. The point is that if you want to redistribute boosts you have to pay for it and think that is fine as is. We don’t need to keep having these boosts reset.

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