Boost Reset to "Rarity Specific Boosts"

As a way to mitigate the negative affects of over boosted creatures. Do this.

Make boost to be rarity specific. When you get boosts, they will be grey, blue, yellow, red and green and can only be applied to the specific rarities.

Reset everyone’s boosts and when they are given back they are divided into boost for each rarity according to the following percentages:

45% will be boosts for common creatures.
25% will be boosts for rare creatures.
15% will be boosts for epic creatures.
10% will be boosts for legendary creatures.
5% will be boosts for unique creatures.
Total 100% of boosts you’ve acquired.

I.e if you have acquired 1000 speed boost, only 50 will be able to be placed back on to a unique, 100 to a legendary and so on. (no making of DC and Thor monsters) (but you can make a tany monster)

Because more boosts will be given for lesser rarities and less to higher rarities, payouts need to be adjusted for the daily incubator rewards based on arenas.

Arena 1 - 0 of each
Arena 2 - 0 of each
Arena 3 - 2 common
Arena 4 - 3 common 2 rare
Arena 5 - 4 common 3 rare 2 epic
Arena 6 - 5 common 4 rare 3 epic 2 legendary
Arena 7 - 6 common 5 rare 4 epic 3 legendary 2 unique
Arena 8 - 7 common 6 rare 5 epic 4 legendary 3 unique
Arena 9 - 8 common 7 rare 6 epic 5 legendary 4 unique
Arena 10 & up 9 common 8 rare 7 epic 5 legendary 5 unique

This gives the ability to make commons as powerful as unique’s and bring more variety up to the higher arenas. It will be harder and take longer to make unique monsters where a monster common could replace a unique on a team.

Boost towers rewards will divide boost in the following way of either health, attack or speed. The same will apply for boost purchased.
2 unique
3 legendary
4 epic
6 rare
10 common

The purpose is to make the lesser rarities more viable in the higher arenas and bring more variety to play.


But remove speed boost


This is actually a good idea

Good idea, I would be able to place 150 boost on my epic, 250 on suchotator and 450 on my tany :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Now THIS is a way to add variety to the arena. For example people could make TRex a beast and then one would have to decide if he’s worth leveling or using his ingredients for a unique. It’ll add strategy and make an icon exciting again.

But with matchmaking being such a problem it’s just not worth leveling/boosting anything at all. Currently it’s just a straight up punishment.

I realy like this idea. It adds a limit to how much one dino is boosted inderectly by limiting the supply. Drives creativety by opening a posebility by an influx of supply. I also find it kind of make sens, why would the same boost work on all kinds of dinos. But in that logick maybe it shoud be devided in to nonhybrids, hybirds and super hybrids, so I dont know.
I have a feeling that it could shoud not be to complicated to introduce ether, the boost page would simply need to be 3x3 insted of 1x3.

I am impressed that this does lend to variety.

Miragaia will be retake the crown of this dino needs a nerf but won’t get one.

Suchotator will become even more of a beast.

People that play with non-hybrids only or even just like an Epic like T-Rex will have a severe advantage over Thor.

I support this.

After writing this I can see players leveling and super boosting Dracorex Gen 2. BUT it can’t cleans and escape so using it will be a one time deal being it will be stuck the full 2 rounds.