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Boost Reset update

I have an idea for the next update. There should be one day a month where you can do a boost reset for free or at least for a discounted percentage. Thoughts?

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No bro…. You know how pvp is going to be???


Boosts should have only been removed and given back from creatures that have had their stats changed. These overall boost resets should have never happened. It only get abused.

I agree that one day of the month was left for them, and it could be done outside of tournaments, and on days when there are no master rounds, so that it is not abused.
Some of us have made mistakes assigning them, and it would be very good if we were allowed to correct them without penalty, even every x months, and as I said, outside of major tournaments or rounds.

It’s very unlikely to happen, boosts forms a part of revenue for ludia, making them more often would impact that, historically there have been 2 resets & 2 shuffles since boosts were introduced which works out to 1 approximately every 6 months, give or take.

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