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Boost reset, what happens to the bought boosts?

Probably drowned in the load of comments under the announcement but question remains; according to the announcements we will get the amount of boosts we would have gained from the moment boosts were introduced. No difference between the people who stocked them or used them. That part is clear. But what about the boosts we’ve bought? How will you determine how many those were (as the amounts varied quite a lot). And then there’s the ones we got from the striketowers as well…:thinking:


you get them back.

i expect them to be wasted to the great oblivion ,where boost deserve to stay

I would think they will account for all boosts applied to creatures and return them. It will not matter if they were gained through normal play or purchased at the store. A boost is a boost. If a user has 4000 boosts applied to creatures and 1000 boosts in inventory. They purchased 2000 boosts, gained 3000 through gameplay, they will have 5000 in inventory after the reset.

I do not believe they are going to do a reset like the first one, where everyone received the same amount for time played. They are only going to account for what a user has in inventory and what a user has applied.

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thing is though I suspect you’ll get cash back too