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Boost reset will make matches even worse, don't do it

Arena is already a boring experience if you are not crazy enough to put money into this mess called jwa, but resetting boots will make it even worse. Now we have Thors, Maximas, Indos, Dracos… Teams are similar but not the same. And more important: boost distributions on these dinos varies. After the update everyone will just put their boosts into their 6 best meta dinos. You will face the same 6 dinos crazily boosted, over and over again. At this point even the most naive player has learned from experience, that there is no point in distributing your boosts over more then 6 dinos.

[I am refering to 4700 - 5100, in lower arenas the might be different]

Either make a lower boost cap on dinos in general, so that everyone can max out or just leave them as they are. You won’t make it any better, probably even worse. People hope for changes when resetting their boosts, in the end everyone will boost exactly the same dinos and there will be even less variety.

And one more thing: Fully maxed dinos should wear clown noses in arena.