BOOST RESET? yes or no

The meta changed a lot since the last boost reset and it is still changing. We should be allowed to have a boost reset once every two patches or something. It is not fair for those who spend months making a dino strong and with a new patch that dino is complete garbage. The “boost refund” system is useless and completely unfair.

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Already another thread going on this. Several in fact :slight_smile:


Yet, no action from Ludia :slight_smile:


No @Pomorski and I am afraid that there never will be. Too much money being made… :frowning:

They won’t even comment on it.

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Makes me sad to think that, but most likely you’re right…


I voted yes but I also have been saving boosts and not just piling them on the latest new toy (indo gen 2) so in a way I’m glad you pile them on and then get the rug pulled out from under you. The only problem is I don’t know who is safe to apply them to, so I’d vote for a reset of sorts.


Thank You for your vote! I actually use the same strategy as you.

I think if they nerf a dino any boosts applied to that specific dino should be returned in full at the time of the nerf so they can be reapplied to another meta or any other dino.

If a player decides on there own they want to move boosts to another dino, with no nerf involved, they use the current format.


Reset? No. Just scrap them otherwise this will be an issue every few months.

Wait untill boost sales die down a little. Then ludia will be forced to introduce boost 3.0 including armor and crit boosts!!! That is when your next boost reset will come.


We know it is coming.

Objectively no, this would lose Ludia money. It’s supposed to be “unfair”. I expect at some point they will change up the boost system though…

Imo they should go. But since they won’t:

50% of applied boosts should be free to re-locatie. Other 50% can stick onto the applied creature or be re-located with a loss. This keeps balance and sales going but will also make new creatures viable for battles quicker.

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They are NEVER going to give a free boost reset again. I mean why would they? They would lose a ton of money. People would just wait for the next reset INSTEAD of buying MORE BOOSTS for their new Dino they want to add to their team.

Which brings me to my suggestion. What if we MONETIZE the reset? No way it would be cheap (that would defeat the purpose) but what I’d they offered a $19.99 Dino Boost rest button?

For only $19.99 you can choose ONE Dino and have his boosts reset with no penalty!!! Opinions??

Maybe all boosts, but not one dino. It sounds better than losing half of your boosts if you want to reset.

I’d love it to be all dinos as well but again I think that’s unrealistic. Ludia would make more money leaving it the way it is. By paying $20 to reset 1 dino would make people who would otherwise NOT buy boosts to at least make THIS purchase. It would be a win-win.

Uważam że reset powinien być, ci co mają kupić boosty i tak je kupią bo nie umieją grać inaczej a wyrównywaloby szansę tych słabszych co nieco


Translated from Polish

I think the reset should be, those who have to buy boosts will buy them anyway because they can’t play differently and would even out the weaker ones

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We now can get our boosts back from a creature. And that means that a general reset will never happen again. Forget it… And I actually think it shouldn’t anyway.