BOOST RESET? yes or no

When Ludia did boosts 2.0 you all said how much better the new system would be.

Ludia reset the boosts and even gave back more than we had, but at the same time drastically changed the value and cost of them. So much so that in order to get most players back to where they were before the reset it would actually cost us ten times more, but still they pulled the biggest trick I’ve ever seen and there are still some people who believe it was a good thing!

All over the forum there were players saying it would stretch out the end game, and with the new linear growth and limit it would be ages before anyone maxed out a team. Well what a joke that turned out to be because for almost three months now boosts have been available from the store every single day to those who can afford it.

Where are they now?
The players who applauded the boosts reset for 2.0?

So I say, be careful what you wish for when you ask for something to benefit the player base in this game.

You could be in for a very nasty surprise that on first appearances seems like a good thing!


I’ll stand by the level cap on boosts. That i feel is the only positive thing about 2.0.
everything else was to sneak up on us and deliver the finishing blow.

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A fair reset would be every year, or every season start. But that won’t happen now that we can get them back (at 50% of the original price).

It’s why I still keep Thor and Tryko on my team, even though they’re under-performing. I can’t afford to take them off and waste those boosts, but I’m also bored of them.

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Well, boosts 2.0 is better than the original system. And it would have stretched the end game if they hadn’t put them on permanent sale. But fundamentally you are right. Whatever they do with boosts is going to be for the benefit of Ludia rather than the playerbase or the game.

Boosts need to go.

Just a reminder… This thread is about BOOST RESET and not whether boosts should be in the game or not. Thanks!

I’m telling you…a $19.99 single Dino reset is the answer.

we need more micro transactions not more $20 stuff.

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I agree more micro transactions!! However, in the case of boost resets I think a hefty price is warranted. I could see $9.99 maybe.

$20 would put a lot of small time spenders off. $9.99 i feel is more reasonable. That’s what is more beneficial? 1 month of VIP or potentially more value in boosts that can be applied elsewhere.
I would pay $9.99 per dino.

What does a reset solve?
Are people gonna stop crutching on 4-5 dinos?

If you aren’t changing the system, who cares?

Fair point. I suggest we reset them to zero. :+1:

I’ll still stand by my thoughts that although an imperfect system it’s better than it was. I think it should reset 1st day of each new season or offer us a “capsule” in the store that resets 1 dino with no penalty, 500 HC and you can only buy 1 per week with only 2 in inventory at once…

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Anyone who really invest boost with real money in my opinion really must think again…
There is no company in this world that ask u to pay and take back after 3 month without u knowing what they will do, or if your investment will be affected.
Unless they reset all boost in EVERY MAJOR update, buying the boost just for 3 month of satisfaction only applies to people that has deep pockets, why not put them in charity…

I ummm… only have a problem with the daily purchase limit.
That’s the only thing holding my Gemini back is waiting till it’s at team level boost wise.
I’m so out of touch with the people in this thread all I can do is well… awkward monkey. LOL
I love the customization of 2.0
It’s like the old days of gaming computers where you spend all day tweaking and fine tuning your system just to get a 1% performance gain.
I have no clue why I get off on it, it’s just fun to me.
If you think of this game as an investment, your not playing it right.
Everyone’s account it worth ZERO.
You’re paying for the entertainment value.
Some find the game more entertaining than others.
EDIT: Sorry about the direct reply, I had initially planned on just ignoring this thread just like all the nerf ones. Your reply was just the tipping point for me. LOL

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I think some of you are getting the two things confused.

The current boost system is lightyears better than the old ones, when Thors could be faster than speedsters with only a few boosts. The problems are the prices and ways they sell it. And that is something I and many others who “applauded” the change have emphasised it would be the problem even before it was implemented.

Glad soo many of you put some interesting points into perspective! It’s really a shame Ludia doesn’t listen to our feedback enough…