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Boost reset?

Word on the street from the Amber Club kids is that a boost reset is coming…perhaps after the next (2.6) update.

Which also means something’s getting nerfed.

thanks for the info.
i’ll max boost my magnus now. :innocent:

i was gonna do that anyway.

Looking forward for it. I’ve boost wrongly most of my dinos.

I heard the same thing from an Amber Club member from Tryko. It sucks that the top players continuously get the competitive edge directly from Ludia to keep them on top.

Hint: when you leak info given to Amber Club members, the odds of it and any other Amber Club benefits continuing to happen decrease drastically.


Is that a bad thing?

Maybe Amber Club members shouldn’t be telling me (or anyone) these things then? They’re the ones leaking the info…

Please, can somebody explain in a little bit more details what is this Amber Club? Particularly who’s in it, and what kind of advantage do they have? First time I’m hearing about this.

from what i understood about it,
it was a group of players Luida reached out to. Those players had massive spending habits in the game. so i would assume if you spent the same kind of cash that those players do on a monthly basis you might get contacted to be a part of it.

I hope so, but I also hope not because I just stripped my erlidom for mrhino

i’m probably not eligible. but it’s worth a shot.

The amber club is an invite only club. Members get sneak peaks to exclusive game contents and perks such as a personal representative who gives you early notification about upcoming events so you can stay ahead in the game

the trial period is over. so can we still apply?

such as a personal representative who gives you early notification about upcoming events so you can stay ahead in the game

And then tell non-members so they can share it with everyone else! :smiley:

Thank you for answering my “what is the Amber Club” question. Wow, I always thought that nobody was testing this game before they did anything to it. I stand corrected. Though I guess they those guys don’t give any feedback, or Ludia is simply not listening? :slight_smile:

Yes, because we don’t get boost resets if people spill everything they’re planning. Hope this helps you understand.

Actually you’re announcing it on the forum. I hope whoever provided you with the info thinks twice about doing it again, as you have deemed yourself incapable of having it. Don’t be that guy and ruin the boost reset for everyone, thanks.

So if i find out its going to rain tomorrow then your saying it won’t actually happen?
When gamepress does a datamine with events, features dinos etc does ludia decide not to do it anymore?

Bad move buddy