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Boost reset?

Maybe this person should think twice and not post this information openly in FB groups :man_shrugging:

I don’t understand why this is so difficult for you. Just be reasonable with anything anyone trusts you with. It isn’t hard for almost everyone else.

Two wrongs don’t make a right. Almost everyone else seems to understand that.

I haven’t been unreasonable with anything. No one trusted me with anything and I haven’t shared anything. So I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Maybe the problem is some people like to run their mouths and gloat. Maybe they should be more reasonable about who they brag to and share secrets with.
My comment was a question regarding whether it is a bad thing if amber members don’t get their perks and whether or not mine or any of these post have any influence on what ludia does. Which I have a reasonable grasp of.

It seems you are highly biased and jealous of the people that actually got into Amber Club to the point of misdirected malice and contempt. I’m sorry you chose to have this outlook.

@moderators are you planning on banning this individual? They made a forum account specifically to troll and parody my comments. A clear violation of the rules out of little more than irrational anger. Thank you in advance.

Again I have no idea what you are talking about. You started by accusing me of being unreasonable. First off I haven’t done anything unreasonable. I’m just trying to point out that it’s actually unreasonable to enter into an agreement with ludia (or anyone for that matter) and then break that agreement to gossip with random strangers on the internet.
I have no malice, bias or jealousy towards anyone in the amber club, but the responsibility lies on whomever leaked the info they were obligated not to and not with the OP. Furthermore it doesn’t affect whether or not ludia will go ahead with whatever they have planned. I appreciate the free little psychoanalysis but again I dont know what you’re talking about.

Shores current match making seems to be a direct result of them “listening” to top players wanting to fight actual players and not ai.

As far as keeping things secret it’s way to late on this particular topic i read about this boost reset on here over a month ago. Little late to try to keep it under wraps.

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Next boost reset = End of the game ?

Ludia doesnt consult the whales if not the game would be a ton more PTW.

They do consult certain individuals who may or may not be in Amber Club. So no point giving members of this Club grief. They probably are as unhappy as you.

the likely soonest end of game will be 2022 around the time of Dominion.

So enjoy the game for what you can.

I’m not in the Amber Club but I’ve been told they weren’t made to sign any sort of NDA, so they can share the info if they want. They still benefit from having a dedicated support person’s ear.

How does a reset benefit the top players more than the normal players? They have more boosts but by now everyone has enough for the full team of 8 arena. So now both sets of players are on equal ground assuming both know how to boost their 8 and which 8 to choose.

If you wanna talk.about having a bigger bench or being able to fine tune their tourney creatures and raid battlers then maybe.

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The knowledge is an advantage my guess is the reset will happen after the next balancing patch. Similar to the last one… people in the know will know not to be refunding boosts when a boost reset or shuffle event is in the works. People who don’t know will have a chance at getting frustrated from their team’s post patch performance and are more likely to refund.

It’s not an advantage in a battle… but it’s an advantage in the resource management side of the game. Not to Long ago a mod on here said the shuffle event was a one time event. This gives people the impression there isn’t one in the future… in when I mentioned that in another boost shuffle thread was when someone told me Ludias been telling the amber club their will be more event.

I don’t blame the mod for answering how he is told to answer. But telling one group no we will not be doing this and letting them think refunds are their only chance to recoup boosts and telling another group we will be giving you the chance to recoup 100% creates an advantage.

to be honest… The mod said Boost Shuffle not Boost Reset.

i have said to my alliance before. Never refund unless its for a major boosting error on 1 creature. its probably better to build a fresh creature properly than refund and reboost to salvage a creature.

Based on historical events, Ludia will reset/shuffle boosts. Just when and are you that urgent to get back those boosts?

With the Apexes being built into teams, its better to plan and boost those then try to salvage the current ones given the limited tactical advantage reboosting has combined with the yuuge cost.

You arent wrong that some knowing and others not is an advantage but it shouldnt be a significant one for those who want to play the long game when Ludia could gut your creature so no point wasting more resources saving that creature.

Yeah I think long term wise unless you boost something in a way that makes it completely ineffective and you need that Dino to be effective. It’s always better to leave boosts sit on the bench and recoup them at some point in the future.