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Boost resets

Hi guys,
There are a lot of players complaining about the new boost system, me included. In all honesty it’s not that bad, but it has one giant flaw.

For me the biggest problem is, that you have to choose 8 dinos to buff and stick with them forever. It doesn’t matter that the boosts are so expensive cause they are expensive for everyone, but this makes the reset where you lose 50% unreasonable.

Imagine how much hard cash that would be to reset one dinosaur.
That’s hundreds of dollars.

Please change this one thing. Make it 500 ingame dollars, make it 1000, I don’t care. But give back all the boosts so we can react to patches and maybe change our team once in a while.

If I have to play with the same dinos forever from now on, I won’t have any fun playing this game anymore.

The boost reset couldve been better if we didnt get rip off of what we had before, my full team was boosted and from what i got in this update i cant even boost 2 dino’s properly, very sad… i cant even imagine the people who had bought boost stats with money how they feel right now :confused: a total rip off…
Another problem with this boost update now i have no chance to win in the arena cuz my dino’s arent strong enough due to the lack of matchmaking… im lvl 15 with zero ultimate dino and im fighting vs some lvl 19-20 with 3-4 lvl23-lvl24 ulti dino (GG)

It is just a rip off for people that paid. I hope more people like me stop the game and make them feel this in their wallet. You can not turn back choices in the game and only add things to it because now you ripped people off that paid in this game.

I think in the long run it will be fine. It will take longer to reach higher levels, but that would have been the same once you would have reached level 8 in the old system.
The problem really is, that you get fixed on your dinos once you‘ve boosted them.

Let’s do the math.

You got a dino on 6/6/6, it gets nerfed in a patch and you want to put it out of your team.

That’s 900 stat boosts you lose to reset him.
To buy that many you would need 18000 dollars ingame cash. To buy that you would need about 140€.

140€ to reset 1 dinosaur who is not even leveled up very far. Is that reasonable?