Boost rethink idea

While browsing here waiting for the maintenance to end I’ve seen an innumerous amount of posts and comments complaining about boosts and battles.

I remember when boosts were first added. They were interesting, fun. Getting a speed advantage over you opponent, or a damage one was exciting. Now, boosts are just, well, boosts. Added levels. Tiring grinding. I’d like to make some kind of proposition on them:

As someone stated before, stick to like 9 boosts max in total, and 6 boosts max on one stat. That way it isn’t overwhelmingly powerful, but you still might get the speed advantage, damage advantage, or survive a big hit because of your health advantage. That’s what it was originally about right? Customizing your dinos.

Another thing I’d like to add is that boosts should not only reset every season with this, but everyone should lose their boosts. Why? So that people have an incentive to try out new combinations, and we’ll still have that brief period of time where people aren’t boosted.

One last thing: Because of this Apex raids are gonna be more difficult, so possibly to counter this I’d say tone them hp + damage a bit, just enough to compensate

Willing to hear your opinions on this :slight_smile:

I made two posts kinda addressing the same problem, would love to hear your thoughts on them:
Boost Redistribution System: Add Boost Redistribution System
Arena Change: Level and Boost Cap Lower Arenas

I still stand by my original idea from the start.

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Only real change needed is for speed boosts. Chompers shouldn’t be faster than cunning creatures. So speed boosts should give +1 speed each tier.

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