Boost Rules for a Boost Reset (Balance Keeping Suggestion)

If ever they wish to reset boosts, they need to implement forced programmed rules because players WILL put most if not all their boosts back into the one or two most powerful creatures in order to decimate teams when ever they get picked. In order to stop this abuse, the following forced programmed rules need to apply.

Any and all creatures can be boosted to tier 1
1 Tier is considered 3 applied boost levels… meaning 1-1-1 or 3-0-0 or 1-2-0 and so on.
No creature can be boosted to tier 2 until 10 creatures have been boosted to tier 1 first.
No creature can be boosted to tier 3 until 10 creatures have been boosted to tier 2 first.
No creature can be boosted to tier 4 until 10 creatures have been boosted to tier 3 first.
(and so on. you all get the picture.)

Creatures on a team must be within a 3 tier boosted range of each other.
0 to tier 2
Tier 1 to tier 3
Tier 2 to tier 4
Tier 3 to tier 5
(and so on, you all get the picture)
The programming will not allow you to put a tier 5 boosted creature on your team if it has a tier 2 or tier 1 boosted creature.
This is to force players to grow a “TEAM”, not just “TYRANTS”.

Team creature levels must be within 5 levels of each other.
A player will not be able to make a team of 7 level 15 creatures and place a level 25 Thor into it. You can have 7 level 15 creatures and the highest you can put on your team is 19.
This is to force players to grow a “TEAM”, not just a “TYRANT” to purposely decimate other teams with.

Matching will primarily be done by trophy’s alone. If a players team average is computer calculated to be more than 3 levels higher or lower than the opponent team, the team will be appropriately matched to a correctly leveled team. This will allow higher players to put together a lower team to try out new creatures and be matched to appropriate leveled teams and lessen the chance to loose trophy’s. This also kills the idea one can drop arenas and decimate teams on the climb back up.

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Or remove boosts completely to establish perfect balance :thinking:


10 creatures?? What?? I don’t like this idea.

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Ludia Logic:


That seems… complicated… Just give us occasional rollbacks and it’s fine… I mean, not fine, but better.


This is aimed towards people who put the majority of their boosts into 1 or 2 creatures right? I mean the people who do that set themselves up for failure anyways because they rely on pulling that 1 dino each match and they usually lose when they don’t get it.

And the keeping your dinosaurs around the same level thing seems a bit much. Some creatures are easier to create than others so why should I wait to level one if I have the DNA for it?

But yeah the whole process you described seems way more complicated than it should be


What about remove all boosts and actually make the game fun and maybe balanced in a hopefully close future… Boosts are just a bad bad idea get ride of it once for all

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After this whole complicated idea, what I would really like is just a separate arena to play none boosted. This would be simple because they already can do this in tournaments. It makes me wonder the percentage of players who would play boosted vs none boosted battles. It also wouldn’t bother me if we didn’t get boosts from that arena.

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