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Boost sales need to stop

Every day now there are boost sales and it is just a big scam. You can get more worth by opening all your 3 hour incubators. Boosts are here to stay, and I understand that, but now people can get so many boosts that it’s getting ridiculous. As for other forms of money, ludia could try money exclusive skins, or VIP improvements. So please stop with the boost sales.


How would new players catch up?
It takes over 3 months to max all your dinos even with boost sales.

They would catch up the f2p way or would do it by some VIP improvements, such as maybe double boosts in all battle incubators.

Unfortunately your request will fall on deaf ears… boosts are here to stay :sweat:

I’m actually fine with boosts being in the game, but not sales

New players wouldn’t catch up, even with boosts because the better players would have become too powerful.

They can’t, regardless of sales. Assuming the top players spend as much as the new ones, by the time the new players have an all-maxxed team, the old players will have maxxed those same creatures along with a bunch of other ones, since new Tyrants are always being added to the game, and old ones are buffed now and then.

The only way I see them catching up is if Ludia stops adding new viable dinos.

Or am I missing something?

Regardless, the point of playing the game isn’t necessarily to catch up to the top players. It’s supposed to be fun, whatever rung of the ladder you’re on. The way I see it, boosts, or at least speed boosts suck the fun out of the game, especially with the wonky trophy distribution and matchmaking system.

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Limiting the amount of boosts for each players would solve the problem about overly-boosted monsters.

It stills take a tolls from rollback so Ludia still get some profit from this condition.

Boosts can be sold everyday but if the player has reached the limited amount of boosts, they can’t buy it anymore until they rollback to reduce the amount of boosts in hand.

Once they max out they are on the same playing field as everyone else.
Around roughly 3 months.
Metas change and they can adjust accordingly.
At the end of the day everyone is pretty much equal boost wise.
it’s the dinos that will be different.

Ya considering we’re 161 days and counting I wouldn’t bet on it

I’ll tell you why it won’t stop: people with under-levelled teams are deceivingly more powerful than those naturally obtaining them for free over time with max-level teams. I’m over here knocked to 5700 (well, just under that) and all my opponents for the past several days whilst being here unable to climb back up and even ATTEMPT to reach Nublar Shores for the first time this month, are all 6200+ trophy count.

Boosts are literally PAY TO WIN. It doesn’t matter what strategy I use if boosting with sheer brute force of number escalation has more impact than any other factor. I was 43 trophies from the 6k mark, I really wanted to get that extra Blue DNA and it slowly but surely led to completely more and more unfair losses that I had ZERO AGENCY over due to grossly over-boosted creatures that completely invalidated any and all choices I made.

Even just battling today, lost 14 times mixed with so few wins I literally cannot recall any of them, and I checked their profiles, all of these people, max boosts as they could for their creatures and, again, all were 6200+ trophies.

The arena disparity has me raging so hard I can practically hear Ludia saying, ‘hey…HEY…I see you aren’t putting half of your paycheque into boosts, it’d sure be a SHAME if you couldn’t even get a single takedown for most of your battles…’.

The people who enable and encourage Ludia’s sales outside of basic saving non-purchased Hard Cash know it works so they don’t see a problem with it while it creates a desperate situation of futility and frustration for those of up who get upset at complete bull-honky losses to consider doing the same, planting the temptation and further preying upon people who should never have to experience these issues in the first place.

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