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Boost Shuffle Event - Thanks Ludia!

We’re usually hypercritical of Ludia on here but wanted to thank them for the boost shuffle event. Was fun testing out new creatures and boost combinations. I’d rather not have boosts at all, but this was a fun event to have.

I hope we can have a few of these a year as we unlock and level up new creatures.


That was definitively a great event, and I also hope we get them every now and then as well… But technically, we got this because almost everybody was crying about their Maxima being nerfed, yet not only it is still in almost every team I fight, but on top of that, it’s currently still one of the MVP for raids. Sure Thor lost his raid usefulness, but funnily, it is now showing a lot more in PvP. So basically, we got the event because there was too many people complaining about those two dinos so everybody wanted a boost reset, and if Ludia look at it now, it seem like not only they are in all the teams, but on top of that, they are even way more boosted than before (basically those who had made bad choices on other dinos, simply then used those boosts on Maxima/Thor. So, not sure we will see another boost reset soon since I think Ludia will not listen to those who complaint anymore.