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Boost shuffle event

Ok,i was against the boost shuffle event this early but i didn’t made this topic to complain about that.
Why ludia allow it in a MIDDLE of a TOURNAMENT?
The top 300 is full of fully boosted monsters which is normally not the case (at least,you have to reach top 100 to start seeing some)
some people, of course, had the presence of mind to withdraw ALL their boosts from their combat team to concentrate them on tournaments …
It would be nice if the next time ludia, you didn’t ruin a tournament that some people have been preparing for a long time.
I would like the next resets to be from Monday to Thursday.
In this tournament, what is going to happen is that the majority of people are going to withdraw their boosts from the rare and the common just at the cut-off time and then put them back on the epic hybrids (next tourney)and their base combat team. …

You have really messed up this time.
Next time, create a button that only appears once: reset all my boosts for free
so that if they choose to boost their rare and common to dominate the tournament, their boosts no longer move.

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They should allow boost reset/shuffle with every update to compensate all buffs/nerfs. Think this was the point even now and it is OK.
Ludia just haven’t considered there is running boost tournament and everyone will “abuse” shuffle…