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Boost Shuffle Over, but not in the UI

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Bug Description: I got cold feet on a few boosts this morning, and seeing that it looked still active (refund 100), I removed 7 attack boosts - 5 from Monolometrodon, 2 from Magnapyritor. Only when refunding the last 2 did I realize that I was only being refunded 50 for each one.

Area is was found in: Boost refund screen

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Go to any dino with boosts
Step 2 - Tap the refund button
Step 3 - Refund a boost (expect 100 based on UI, only get 50)
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: All 7 times I tried it.

What type of device are you using: Android, Nexus 3XL

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


@Ned our memebers are reporting the same thing! This is terrible!

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know what Ludia is gonna say? They gave a time when the shuffle event was over, so they won’t be able to give back any boost to those that refunded them at the normal rate.

really scummy since it’s their own fault that the visuals weren’t correct.


Hey DPG members, the Boost Shuffle Event ended October 22nd at 14:00 UTC. You might have to force close and relaunch your game to refresh the UI.

That response is about on par with what I was expecting. So everyone was supposed to know to kill the app and reboot exactly at that instant??

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I made the very hard decision to take off all my boosts I spent years collecting when Ludia nerfed Ardentismaxima. as so with a lot of players I’m sure… your changes with Ardentismaxima resulted in either having a dinosaur on your team that was not even close to what it was before, or bench him and take off the boosts and suffer the 50% loss. I benched him and took off the boosts resulting in loosing 15 boosts! I was not happy but it was my decision. I never even thought that a boost shuffle was even possible.
And now what happened to “MCSaavedra” has now happened to me. resulting in loosing another 8 boosts. So in total over the past two months with all your changes you’ve made Ludia and bad timing on my part, I’ve lost 23 boosts!!! This is all so unfair!

I lost around 12 boosts this morning due to SAME issue!! Who knows what “14:00 UTC” is anyway?! I thought they were quoting 24 hour time, so 14:00 would mean 2:00 pm CST here in Chicago and I did it around 10:00 a.m CST. BEFORE I changed boost levels I checked the game creature screen to verify it said boost refund would be 100, it did. I have a screen shot from 10:17 am CST proving it. Since it still showed in effect I refunded ALL boosts on my Erlikospyx and put them on my unboosted Monolometrodon. Then immediately got cold feet and went to return them all to my Spyx. That’s when I discovered that out of 16 boosts initially, I had only 4 left since I lost 50% transferring to Mono then another 50% trying to transfer them back. I am beyond upset!!! I have spent several hundred dollars in real money playing this game. I sure hope they help me out because my Level 27 / almost Level 28 Spyx is now DESTROYED!!!

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Same issue happened to me as well, I reshuffle some of my stat boosts & it shown able to refund 100 but never realised that the actual amount I received only 50. I lost around 17 stat boost because of this bug, Please return all my hard earned stat boosts back to me.


If went into the store, and bought today’s Indom Gen 2 for the agreed upon price, but upon opening the inc received only half of what was displayed on the screen, I’d immediately demand a refund. The same can be said here. Players, who wouldn’t have refunded the boosts otherwise, were shown a specific cost for doing so, they agreed upon it, only to find that they are not receiving what they expected.

This isn’t trivial, this isn’t nerfing a creature or even devaluating boosts after they were already purchased; this is outright fraud. The screen showed 100, yet players only received 50.


and Ludia’s been known to give very little warning about events, weather they are extended or cut short.


I set in what I wanted the night before to make sure nothing crazy happened bc ya never know y’all should have done the same


image image

Overall I agree, the precedent has been set (other events ending early and what have you) but my point is to the larger idea that you need to be able to trust what information you’re seeing on the screen. I work in IT and the data we work with NEEDS to be correct. Doctors and nurses are basing their decisions on it and therefore it simply can’t be wrong.

Ned’s response that “oh well you need to reboot” means that what, cost of things in the store might change if I reboot? Even if the discrepancy works in their favor, the agreed upon price for a transaction needs to be honored.

Of course I don’t mean to conflate the two examples, this is not a matter of life and death. I’m just saying that if people can’t trust what they’re seeing in the game with their own eyes, then aren’t going to trust making those transactions (i.e. stop buying the product) because they don’t know that they’ll get what they paid for.

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Right – concretely to this example, this is a straightforward problem to solve. When the app/client issues a refund request (or any transaction), it can transmit the price it displayed in the app along with the transaction request. If for any reason the server cannot process the transaction at that price, it can simply refuse the transaction. Ideally, this would cause an error in the app telling the user they need to restart the app.


Im so sorry that happened to you as well. I really hope you get them restored.

This is more to my point. The fact that the client and server may be accepting out of sync transactions would indicate that the same could be done maliciously…

I reshuffle my stat boost,The screen showed refunds 100 But received only 50 I lost a lot . Pls. Return back to me

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I just got a message from Ludia telling me there will be no refund of boosts. I’m seriously considering quitting the game after spending more than $1000 in the last several months as a pay-to-play player. Really, they’d rather lose that kind of money rather than showing their customers a little compassion and courtesy by refunding boosts that cost them NOTHING??? That is no way for any business to operate. At the very least I am canceling VIP and not spending another dime with them. This is how companies lose customers and lose money over stuff that costs them nothing. SMH Here is my reply back to them:

Certainly you can do something to help out your most valuable players. Regardless of what messages you do send to players, what the screen says at the time of refund should be honored, which was full value. Players should not be required to know anything else than what they see displayed on your screen. If the game screen says incubator costs $49.99, can you charge me $99.99 just because you send an outside message saying everything will cost double than what the screen says? No you can’t, that would be illegal. It’s your technical problem on your end that caused this. A reboot should have been forced to display the correct information, that should not be on the player. Listen, I pay $9.99 a month for VIP , I’ve spent over $1000 playing this game, I’m an officer of a Top 100 alliance and you’re going to tell me you’re not going to help me out and refund me due to the glitch on your end? Where is your responsibility in your faulty programming??? We players have to deal with many glitches and bugs, ones that cost us hard earned money should not be one of them. I will be canceling my VIP membership and not spending another dime on this game if that’s how you treat your customers when your programming is at fault. I will also be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on this incident. I am deeply disappointed and offended by this completely unsatisfactory response. It seems unreasonable and unexplainable that Ludia would want to forgo all the money I spend on this game and sour the relationship of a valuable player just so you can NOT give me my boosts back which cost you NOTHING?!!! I certainly hope to hear back that you will kindly give me a one time courtesy credit of all the boosts that were taken.

If you read old topics and messages you will find that Ludia don’t do that much for this kind of problems.

We are a few players who have told the truth of boosts and how the company handle their players.

Anyhow, I’m sorry for your lose and all your money you spent on playing the game. I hope you have had some good times with the game. If you need to hear other players stories, you can read this topic for example.

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Thanks I appreciate your comment. I’m sure their sales would be much higher if they showed more care and consideration for their paying customers. I work for a company that is known for its outstanding customer service, and we show great respect to our customers. Good will goes a long way in any successful business. Especially when it doesn’t cost them anything why would they not want to keep paying customers happy? I guess they can afford to lose business.

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