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Boost shuffle

Why are we held to ransom by Ludia on our boosts? We earn them, we pay for them, why can’t we use them when and how we want to?
Everyone evolves their dinos all the time but are never able to use new additions because boosts are locked into their battle team and nobody wants to take a 50% hit on removing them.
I just think we would see a lot more variation in the dinos we battle against instead of all the usual boring suspects if we could move boosts around freely.
What do you think?


Could not agree more! They need to allow a shuffle once a month or perhaps every time there is an update!

Here’s the problem! We buy the boosts with Dino Bucks but Ludia conveniently forgets that to get the Dino Bucks you pay real cash.

Or cash links, incubators, supply drops, and Ludia screw ups. I have never bought any hard cash (Dino bucks) or boost.

Unfortunately many do and as long as they continue to Ludia has no incentive to allow us to shuffle! They prefer the purchasers refund at 50% and buy more

Oh I know what they do. It’s their marketing scheme but as long as people continue to keep buying more boost, Ludia won’t do anything about it. The paying players are enabling this even though they disagree with it. At the same time, I wouldn’t want to lose 50% of boost either. I just wait for a shuffle or be very selective on how to boost.

To keep the game balanced? :joy: idk

I do feel its set that way to keep people from shuffling boosts around and making creatures too strong. If you want to do that you’ll be punished

Because they are scared we would be able to reach necessary tiers for 8 dinos and just rotate them = no need to buy more HC/boosts = no more earning for greedy devs…

Hope they will do shuffle/reset in 2.5 because many players already unlocked half of the apex dinos and need to remove boosts!