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Boost Solution Recommendation - A simple player toggle?

Can we just get a toggle for the player to either enable or disable boosts on their team?

This way, you can go crazy with boosts and fight other boosted teams.
If not enough boosted players are available for matchmaking and you’re getting timeouts, you can toggle
your boosts and be matched in regular battle.

This also helps people who would prefer not to deal with boosts at all.

Seems like a simple solution which in my experience is best…

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Very similar to another one I saw. Which was just add a boosted and non boosted arena

Yeah, but why make a new arena and have more potential issues?

Toggle is a simple, and quick fix IMO.

Changing the matchmaking algorithm would probably be harder than making a new arena

But then again I’m not an expert

Boost Solution Recommendation - A simple player toggle?

well, we already have the simple players, so thats a start.