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Boost Strike Event Fail

Ok, well I am highlighting something to do with the Boost Strike Event…I cleared it easily on my lvl 15 a/c…my 2nd A/c my grandson wanted to try this Strike Event even though it’s only lvl 9…his 1st attempt he failed but on his 2nd attempt he WON! Now before someone flames me I know that these Boosts can’t be used until lvl 10 so we just assumed that the Boost Reward would just sit in my inventory until we lvl’d up to 10, halfway there btw…but nope, nada it’s not stacked or stayed waiting until we can use it…how is this fair? As far as I’m concerned I am about done…If it had been a Strike Event with DNA incubators as a reward he would of gotten DNA Incubator…

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Clearly the developers don’t plan very well.

That’s terrible. :frowning:

It’s possible that once he hits level 10 they will show up, maybe they are hidden until then since it would be pointless seeing them on the UI.

My son has a level 9 and he has boosts in his inventory. He did not complete the strike event. But he definitely has boosts in his Dino inventory from daily incubators and I think the gift from Ludia.