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Boost strike event removed without advice

Well, why Ludia decided to tell us that has removed BOOST STRIKE EVENT today without talking us about that before?

Because something went wrong and unexpected. They chose to pull it instead of letting the issue out.

When something is unexpected you can’t necessarily give advanced notice.

It does suck and feels like a slap in the face with all the other issues going on right now.

But, Whatever will be will be.

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This is not a good reason.

It worked last week.

Thanks mate, now I have “Que Sera Sera” in my ear :rofl:


Then I have succeeded in my diabolical plan.

The transformation is almost complete.


Isn’t it? When something unexpected happens it’s not like you can give advanced notice. Last weeks success does not necessarily have bearing in this weeks situation.

If the under arching complaint is why didn’t you earn us you were taking it away, then something unexpected happened is what we get.

Naturally I’d like more details too, but…

Exactly. There is nothing perfect ever … Well there was one perfect man and look at what happened to him.

At this point I’m actually praising ludia new approach that seems to be…

“Better safe than sorry”

The problem’s which all is become a mess! Nothing works for two weeks… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Man I love that song.

Yeah it’s a good one,

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