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Boost strikes

Umm question guys.Do you get health boost strike for like couple of weeks? Im not sure why tho but its been like 3 or 4 weeks that i dont see it on map. Does Ludia spawn boosts now more rarelly or some thing? Some boosts seems to spawn at some point but health exaclly i have not seen for a while now.

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No? I mean…i just see a lot of speed buff strike on my street yesterday? Idk what about your case?

See it in distance, but its extremely rare.

Third week running that I can’t see any on my map.

Kinda used to this crap now, and Ludia will say nothing has changed, it’s not their fault, blame google maps etc…

If that’s the case then why was it ok until a fortnight ago?

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Anyone see the boost strike for today?

As usual, no. At this point this is just deliberate.

None in my map nor anywhere either.

@Ned can you please inform the team about the lack of boost strike towers?

@Ned It’s the first time I contact you, I apologise if it is improper.

Does anyone on Ludia know what is happening?
Because for many players, boost strikes are gone/ banishing (myself included).

Do you have info about this issue?

Hey BarbosaJones90, our team has been informed about this. I do see a few Boosts strikes around my area. However, our team has been notified about the distribution.

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And what will “our team” do about it this time?
I see no boost strike and I also don’t see today’s epic strike. Such a shame, because I ALSO couldn’t do last Sunday’s epic trial. Nowhere to be seen, and I walked 5 km for it!
I do my best but it seems I’m missing out on every event. Oh, I would almost forget to mention. I have no green StPatrick event drops. Not nearby, not in distance and not when I take a walk.
This prob is caused by bad distribution, time and again. I have 11 spawns/drops in range and I see more than 20 in the distance.

Hey Waaigirl, I definitely understand the frustration of not seeing Strike events around your area and missing out on them. :sweat:

What I can say is that our team is continuously monitoring the distributions and trying to work towards improving them. Sadly, I don’t have further information beyond that at the moment.

nope. even some of these supply drops without strikes could use the boost strikes

Thanks Ned, but you may be too late to rescue me and my enthusiasm. Played as of May 2018. What a pity.

A few?!? In one area?!? You have got to be kidding me?!?

Unless your “area” is the size of a small country?

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I was able to find the other towers today but no boost strike tower and I drove around my whole town over 20km and not a single one @Ned. This can’t be to plan???

I have SEVEN of the small blue strike in range, and two of the small epic. Out of the 70 drops I can see from here, two are the big epic strike and zero are the attack stat strike… again. There’s always one strike I can’t even see on the map and have to walk for 20-45 minutes to even spot.

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Update I had to literally go to the next larger town to find the boost strike tower a 25 min drive. How can this be acceptable??? @Ned

We get a strike every tuseday Thursday and Saturday. Plus 6 of each in green supply drops. Personally I’d like it if we got 50 boosts instead of 25 per strike

I managed to find 1 boost strike in my city. They are present but the spawn rate/ distribution is terrible. Based on my observations seems to be around a 1% spawn rate.