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Boost thor dmg

Since the raid changes thor is really useless.
Lost some speed, for no reason since it allready lost tye armor allosinosaurus had.
And lost its rampage…
For a 2nd impact.
Should have changed its allready existing impact to a group one and keep ots rampage…
In arena hes worse then its previous hybrid and in raids there are way better options…
It basicly made it a worthless creature.


Even Allosinosaurus is better than Thoradolosaur


I understand the boost issues but before the update it was just max boosted Thors, one after another. Game after game after game. I for one am glad to see the change. There are now counters even for these over boosted monsters that are in the arena still. It used to be oh look another one and no matter what you do you loose 0/3. Now, hi Thor let me introduce you to my Thyla or my Maxima. You should swap out now…


Quite frankly thor got nerfed unnecessarily while maxima got boosted with a 2nd rampage
While i understand your point,and ive been beaten to shreds by boosted thor too
Its really pathetic since allo is actually better.
Maybe the give him armor, or boosted regular dmg tp where his 2 impacts are allmost equal but still lower then his impact and rampage.
Of a creature was powerfull, thats not a reason to make it terrible.
Just like indoraptor g2 wich is completly horrible now.
A nerf was needed, but not that much.
Thor could use some more rework, maybe even change him completly.


I certainly do agree that it is silly that Allo is a better option than Thor and change is needed. I just don’t want to see it back to the one man army


Yup,he used to be OP,now he need a bit more power…
I think,he need an HP and damage buff…
Maybe 4800hp,1900dmg but keep the 2 impacts…
It can overall deal ,lvl 30, 3464 damage on an impact UNBOOSTED
Which is nice already (5196 with 20 boost attack and more if you count the crits)

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Unboosted, he sucks. But in 1.14 he did too.
He’s weaker than Allosino. But in 1.14 he was too.
He needs a buff. But in 1.14 he did too.

Nothing changed tbh.


He needs:

  • 15% armor

  • APR in place of DSI

  • And the last, very controversial thing. I think he should be faster than Ardmax and Tryko and should have decel immunity so he’s always faster than them. He would be what unique meta needs. That change would be perfectly fine in unboosted arena. But in boosted one overboosting idiots would ruin this change. Imagine 149 Thor with decel immunity…


Never underestimate the ability to totally swing a match with that 40% crit chance!

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Honestly I would be happy just getting DSR back. But if they won’t do that, it should at least have generally better stats than Allosino.


I agree with the fact he should be faster than ardentis and tryko,and i mean,the speed of ardentis and tryko should be slower than 105.
Maybe ardentis: 101 speed (same health as apato?same curse)
Maybe tryko: 102 speed

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True, maybe not as low but definitely lower than 108


Yup,seeing a huge sauropods faster than any theropods is a mistake already.
The low speed MUST be a part of their gameplay


No way, if you want more attack use your boosts. Thor finally got the Nerf he deserved. He still is wreaking havoc in the arenas.

Puhlease, spare me the buff Thor talk. It’s got 40% crit, that’s enough.

What an annoying creature. Always looks so angry…what are u angry about, you’re a dinosaur, that’s awesome.

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Use Tenontorex instead.

On my 2nd account, I took out a level 21 Allosinosaurus in one hit with my unboosted level 21 Tenontorex and it wasn’t even a critical hit.

That’s too slow, even for a tank. Maybe 104 Maxima and 105 Tryko?

First off, Gemini says hi. Second of all, apato is an easily dart able common versus a unique fused out of 3 difficult to get ingredients. Big difference

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For me, the problem here is not how Thor stacks up overall, but the fact that Allosinosaurus is better in almost every way. A legendary (especially one so similar to the hybrid it makes) should not be better than it’s unique, since it’s easier to make. Allosino had better stats before 2.0, but at least then Thor had DSR to fall back on to do more damage. Now both of them have two impacts, so Allosino is clearly the better choice. So they should either give thor it’s rampage back, or make it so that Thor generally has better stats than Allosino. Either buff Thor or nerf Allosino, it doesn’t really matter. But I do feel like buffing Thor is the better choice here, since Allosino doesn’t feel inbalanced. Although I would have no problem with any of Thors stats if it just had DSR instead of DSI.


And ardentis got 30%, 2 slows, distraction cleanse, butt ton of resistance and imunities, twice the hp, armor, its a giant sauropod made with the biggest sauropod ever(argentinosaur) and its still faster.
While the smaller cousin of thor wich is used to make him, its better, in stats and abilities, there are not many creatures that could literally spam shields every turn to make armor piercing rampage weaker then an shield breaker impact…
Talk about butthurt players…
Thor isnt even my strongest creature, it never was. i just used to want to make it, but now its a soo horrible its a sorry excuse for a hybrid.

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thing is, why should a unique hybrid be this bad?
tenonto is smaller then thor, higher hp.
faster, understandable
why 40% more dmg?
how is a small deadbutt doing more dmg then those bites?
having 40% crti chance really is not that good anymore with all the cunning abilities and relying on luck alone isnt a good developing idea.
people were complaining about cloak and evasion… but now that a creature must have the luck to never fight a cunning enemy and have crits in order for it to do anything? especially since pretty much EVERYTHING else is gonna hit u before u hit them.