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Boost tier indicator

So, if boosts are here to stay (which is still a sore subject) could we get some sort of indication besides the little blue “Up” icon that will give is an idea, at a glance, how boosted the dino is? 30 seconds isn’t enough time to go look at the dino’s stats, then try and do the math to guess if that’s just a minor boost or not. That icon is already getting redundant since most dinos are boosted to one degree or another at this point (at least in Aviary).

Forgive the crude mockup but something like this:


Second this as well :slight_smile:

I feel like I have to agree, it was already hard enough to quickly press-and-hold on a dino to see what moves it has and how to try and plan around them, but now you also have to be able to size up a dino’s stats at a glance?

I think it would also help to see how boosted an enemy team was, so that a loss feels less salty - or more! (Ugh, how did I lose that last one…)


Totally agree, this way the next time I run into a tier 7 Thor I’ll at least have some solace knowing why I got stomped.