Boost tokens are so scarce - I think we should be allowed to shuffle 3 boosts per category per month in addition to the rare tokens that only few people can get

With shuffles no longer being an option, and boost tokens being so rare and locked behind paywalls, I think it would only be fair for Ludia to allow players more freedom to move around their boosts without dire consequences, especially since boosts are terribly expensive and very hard to grind for.

Boosts are a necessary part of the game, but with the rapid-fire updates and meta constantly shifting, what was good yesterday is now almost unusable. Yet, we cannot freely remove boosts from creatures that are no longer meta.

Ideally, boosts we could freely shuffle boosts between creatures without a consequence, but I know that boosts are a source of revenue for Ludia, so I don’t expect them to give us 100% freedom all the time (gotta make money to keep the game running). However, I do feel more wiggle room is needed to keep people in the game (people want to quit and have quit over the boost situation).

If annual or semi-annual shuffles are no longer a thing (which I feel was the best way to handle boosts), and if tokens are going to be this difficult to get, I think a good compromise would be this: all players should be given 3 opportunities to per boost type per month - a total of 9 boosts that will suffer no consequences of removal. I really feel this will boost the morale of the player-base (pun intended), and would encourage people to stay in the game longer. Maybe increase the ability to remove boosts to 4 per category per month for VIP.

What does everyone think about this? Ludia would you consider this, please?

Thanks so much for listening!


Why would anyone take 9 boosts off a creature and be weakened for 1 to 3 months until it can be replaced?

I don’t think you are understanding what I mean - you could take any of your boosts off any creature without consequence - up to 3 per category. Just like with a boost shuffle, you could move around your boosts as you wished. This would be a bit of a shuffle, but with major limitations.

I could remove one speed boost from 3 different creatures without consequence, or remove all 3 boosts from the same creature. Then I could do the same with damage and health boosts - for a total of 9 boosts per month I could save or move to another creature immediately if I wished. If I wanted to remove more boosts that month I would have to take a 50% cut on them.

This freedom to remove a few boosts per month without a consequence would allow people to slowly remove and replace boosts over time, in addition to collecting them through the grind, and buying them in the store. It would give us more wiggle room to adjust to meta - not a ton, but more, which at this point would be gladly welcomed.

As it stands I and many other people have a ton of boosts on creatures we no longer want to use because of meta changes, but we are stuck because Ludia doesn’t give us enough options to freely move boosts around without losing all the hard work we put in to gather the boosts in the first place.

Does this make sense? Hope so, because I want people to understand what I mean by this because I think it’s a wonderful idea.

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If it’s a wonderful idea you can bet Luida won’t even consider it.

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I petitioned for Ludia to add Mortem to weekend raids, and they listened, so there is hope. Also, if people start leaving the game because of the boost situation, you can bet Ludia might listen and try something new. I think this would be an incredible way for them to keep current business, and potentially generate more business because people will be more likely to stay the course vs drop out when the grind is too much.

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I perfectly understand what you meant. Deboosting partially your team and being forced to use them for a month or three until you can replace them is suboptimal in my opinion. If it is just to deboost slowly the creatures you have already on the bench it might have a small value but what if you started to deboost a creature you use for raids or there happens to be an advantage tournament where you could have used your creature. All in all I don’t see it as an improvement over a boost reset or a boost token if there are going to be any ever.

It could be that the boost tokens can just be 20 free boost removals, so it’s actually worth it instead of spending it on a creature with like 3 extra speed. For example if tryko has 5 attack boosts on it and I remove them, the boost token will still have 15 left.

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Yeah, there was a time when we rarely needed to swap our boosts around, outside of a random nerfed dino here and there. But now? Every update something gets nerfed or powercrept to oblivion, or a new creature arrives that makes it impossible to continue with your normal team unless you have it on your team, too.

I haven’t changed my team in a long time now. I’d love to fight with something new, but the lack of boost resets and constant need to FIP all the new exclusives makes it impossible.


it’s better than nothing - otherwise you’re stuck with boosts on a dino that you don’t want to use or stuck with deboosting at 50%. We will never get enough boost tokens and now the dmg and hp boost tokens are behind paywalls that are so expensive, you might as well just buy boosts in the shop if you have the money to do so. This is a decent compromise, and I don’t understand why someone would argue against an option of free boost removal. If you don’t want to remove boosts from a creature then don’t. but others will want this and embrace it.

Yes but you get like 1 boost token per annum it seems, this would be in addition to boost tokens. The latest boost tokens are locked behind a paywall. Some players are low income and can’t afford that expensive pass. Others are feeling the squeese of the effect of what is happening in the world right now. Also, many of us free-to-play people don’t have more than one creature fully boosted. This is due to ludia releasing things so quickly we cannot keep up. Boosts get stuck on a creature that is no longer viable in the middle of mid creation, and having the option to remove a few boosts for free per month in addition to tokens is better than no tokens and 50% in my book.

This is my point - and we will probably never get another shuffle at this rate. 3 boost removals per category per month is better than nothing, and this would be in addition to boost tokens, which most people can’t access anyways The only reason I got the first set of boost tokens was because my alliance kicked rear in tourneys. Others were not as fortunate. Now you have to pay for them. This is understandable considering Ludia need to make money to keep the game running, so a compromise would be idea for both the players and the company. A few free boost removals per month would help more than 0.

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Yup. I play free to play and they should deffo have one of each stat a month. They should hoe stay remove the extra cost pass and reduce the dna on the normal one cuz low level players are getting Dino’s to 24 from these passes and it’s insane.

They promised partial boost removers if I remember correctly and those haven’t come yet

The problem is now that the pass is a thing, boost tokens of any kind will be locked behind the more expensive pass. Boost tokens are such a slow way to remove boosts by themselves as well, especially with how quickly new updates are released, and each update shifts meta quite a bit more than it used to. We literally got an apex bear hybrid that was at the top in December, but now is really nothing to bat an eye at. That’s pretty incredible considering many people poured their boosts into what was a great creature. The same goes for Ptops. Entire top-tier teams have dropped it in one day, ONE, since the update. Ptops dropped like it was nothing. The rest of us normal people can’t keep up, so having a little help in addition to tokens would be fantastic. This is why I feel Ludia should allow everyone the choice to remove 3 of each boost class each month without consequences. If people do not want to remove boosts then they won’t, but those of us who do want a little more freedom with our boosts would embrace this.

I believe the partial tokens were the tokens that only removed boosts from one boost class, but still removes all the boosts of that class from the creature you remove it from entirely. There are also boost tokens that remove ALL boosts from each category from one creature as well, I earned both kinds when our alliance made the top 10 several months ago when boost tokens were handed out as a reward, never to be seen again until this month with the pass.

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