Boost tokens? Bad design by default?

Just want to put this out there and want to see community thoughts on this:

  1. They are very rare, so I was expecting to see them being strong, they are not
  2. Each token type ATT/HP/SPD removes all boosts from a single dino for each type you use
  3. Why do I think this is bad? Well for example you have a 20/10/0 ardentina and you want it to be 18/10/2 you have to waste 1 full HP reset to get 2 speed in there
    Another example would be you have a creature that you are no longer going to use and it has 1-2-3 some low amount of boosts on it, you wouldnt want to spend a Token just to get few boosts back
  4. How would I fix this? I would change the Token itself to say the following: " The next 20 HP boosts can be removed without penalty ( same for SPD / ATT )" OR only 1 type of token that says: " The following 30 ( any ) boosts can be removed without penalty"
    20 for single type because you can have a maximum of 20 of a single boost on each dino OR 30 ( all round token ) being maximum per creature, this would allow you to use the token to modify your team in case a dino got nerfed the way you want it instead of reseting an entire dino to get +1 or +2 of another stat. To clarify you could remove 5 from 1 dino, 5 from another dino and so on… untill you hit the 20 or 30 mark of the Token

I feel there should be something to this effect since they are going to be limited as hell.


What makes it worse is you have to get to a certain tier in ACs which means lower alliances might not get them and in the release notes it say there is a CHANCE to get them in ACs


Hopefully by design which should be good. There needs to be a penalty involved.


There should not be a penalty involved. It annoys me when people say something like, “You should have used your boosts wisely in the first place and then you wouldn’t have to remove them,” because that’s just not true. Right now on my bench, I have fully-boosted maxima, dioraja, mammolania, tenrex, and magnus, and soon phorurex and lux will join them. You could argue that I “should have known” a couple of those things were OP and would be nerfed, but the others were all well-balanced staples that just got outclassed due to power creep. I shouldn’t be penalized for wanting to change my creatures after months and months of meta changes.


I agree with everything you said! I thought the same. I have a bunch of dinos with only a few boosts on them. I wont be wanting to waste my hard to earn token on 2 attack boosts. 2 boosts are not equal to 20, yet the token treats it that way.
Your solutions are great, I’d be totally on board with that concept!
This token deal is so frustrating. Fan base has waiting for what feels like eternity for a reset, and they give us this garbage.


Nor should you be able to sprinkle boosts around willy-nilly as your mood takes you with no negative repercussions.

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How many boosts do you think people get? I don’t spend real money aside from VIP, so it took ages for me to boost all those creatures. I carefully planned all my team members and builds. Most people have even fewer boosts to spare than I do. Your attitude that anyone who has to retire a team member should be punished for it is baffling.


I hope they change it to something at least close to my idea, I am glad that people have positive coments to my thread, this should keep the in game pvp/raiding up to date since they change / nerf many dinos and dont give us the tools to re-organise them.

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No way that is so wrong why in the heck should players be penalised as you put it for wanting to reset their boost as they see fit to ?
A lot of players have stated they have so many dinos sitting on the bench already if they did as you suggested they would not have 4 or 5 dinos on thier bench but 40, 50, or even more dinos rusting into the ground and all of them totally useless.


As ive already said, as an ancillary item there should be an element of jeopardy. Too mant players already scatter boosts around early on to gain an early advantage and then moan when that advantage is undone, the last thing this game needs is players moving their boosts wholesale on a whim, with no jeopardy attached, depending on what that particular days ‘needs’ are, theres enough unbalance in the lower-mid/mid/upper-mid part of the game without adding that nonsense to it.

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Jeopardy? Makes no sense to me. Reason being: if they change a creature, that creature should have the ability to return boosts with no penalty, why? They are baiting money from ppl to buy boosts, its not to benefit the game. You expect people to get penalized for a change mid way after you invested your valuable boosts in there? The penalty already exists! You invested gold DNA and time into that dino, you are not getting that back. Lets put it this way: You buy a house for a very cheap and affordable price. The house said: fully renovated all furniture new and shiny. You pay and go to move in and you realize theres no furniture! You call the previous owner and he tells you: well you got the house for a low amount of money, there should be some risk to you ( ofc this is not the same but if people could do this without being legaly penalized I know for a fact you would find nothing but walls on that house of yours ).


How I would fix the problem, removing the penalty on boost refunds.

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That would be too much bcs ppl would abuse it for tournaments and pvp, they just nerd to remake the tokens to make them better

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they should let us have more than one at a time.

tokens should also be more accessible

Yup, let’s ask Smilo what made it go poof.
Never dominant, finely balanced. almost a wildcard for every team…suddenly going from merely useful to dead weight after some unexpected tweak. Never to return…I already stripped all of its attack boosts :drooling_face:

Yep. At one point three creatures on my team – maxima, orion, and nemys – were all nerfed in the same update despite nobody complaining about any of them being OP. I can almost understand the “don’t immediately boost this crazy new thing because you should know they always end up gutted” argument, but when balanced mainstays get nerfed for seemingly no reason, people who boosted them should not be punished.

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