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Boost tweak suggestion

As of now, boosts are a moot point for most of the playerbase, as they essentially make the game a “pay to win” experience.

I would like to suggest a small tweak that might balance some things out.

The current situation with boosts right now is that if you have a lvl 30 dino, you are allowed to spend a total of 30 boosts on them, distributing them between Health, Attack, and Speed.

A way to possibly make the endgame more accessible, is by limiting the boosts that can be applied on each dino to 15, down from 30.
This will make players reach the endgame faster, and make sure they are on equal footing with each other.

Then players will also consider purchasing something else other than boosts, as incubators, or scents, as well as give you(@Ludia_Developers) some chance to add a few more purchasable items in game.

The refund system can stay the same, so you guys won’t lose revenue on that, being that if a person wants to add a new dino to their competitive team they will have to either get a new set of 15 boosts to spend on it, or reset the boosts of another dino and add some more on their own.

This makes things fairer for all players, without hurting the revenue potential of boosts, while keeping the players satisfied.