Boost use

What do you do with your boost? Do you use them all or do you keep some in stock in case of a new dino able to fit in your team in some future?
Just curiosity…i have 19 tiers of speed, 10 of health and 16 of damage and don’t know what to do with them😅

I’ve used some (1 dino at a time until i have 20 tires on it. That’s the most i’m willing to put in atm)
But i’m currently just sitting on the rest. What i want to use them on are kinda questionable if they will get rebalanced.( gemini and indo g2)

I use them according to a plan.
I’ve boosted Erlidom for heavy hits and tanking damage while dealing lots of damage. Will be 18 attack in the end. (10 HP / 13 A / 2 S)
I’ve boosted Erlikospyx for slight damage tanking and mostly speed + utility and attack. Will be 19 attack. (3 HP, 9 A, 8S)
Ardentis boosted for tanking 10HP capped, will go T20 on attack.
Kaprosuchus boosted to be somewhat speedy, mostly for utility. Gets 1 stat boosted each time I complete a project or a project milestone. (0 HP, 1 A,5 S) Planned 5 HP, 20 A, 5 S.
Utarinex 5 speed so far. Planned 5 HP, 20 A, 5 S.

Unboosted critters:
Carnotarkus (planned 20 HP, 10A, 0 S)
Tenontorex (planned 10 HP, 20 A, 0 S)
Gemini (planned 10 HP, 20 A, 0 S)

I would tend to use mine pretty balanced, making sure to keep speedsters fast, and chompers hard hitting.

Just try avoid dumping them all in one dinosaur because itnwont always be drawn and if it gets changed you might not even use it anymore.

Anothet thing you could do is take note of the stats you generally face in your bracket, and apply boosts tactically as needed to counter it.
For instance making sure to have at least 1 tier over your opponents in say speed for instance, as going first can win games.

I would also avoid spending too much boosts on something that has a nerf target well and truely painted on its back, coz that’s just a risky investment.

Also best not overboost something that’s a stepping stone dino, as they could get a better hybrid.

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Oh and I’d avoid the whole super speed chompers you read about, those super speed Thors are only viable short term as when you reach higher boosted teams it won’t outspeed them anyway so the speed is wasted.

Keep speedsters fast, keep chompers hard hitting and keep tanks tanky!


I arena battle unboosted. But the boosts do not go to waste as I use them to super boost a few dinosaurs that I am using to complete Epic Strike Events.

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