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Boost will be back?

Hi! When will return the boosts on sale? I need them! Please, tell me something. Thanks!

We’ll keep everyone updated when we have more information, @Sebastiano_Bruno.


Look… We all get the whole vision behind boosts, but they aren’t working the way invisioned. I’m sure it was originally intended to mix up the meta an be able to surprise people when you use barely used dinos.

Instead people just boost metas or high utility dinos and crush lower boosted teams 3-0, and YOU INSTEAD TAKE ADVANTAGE BECAUSE $$$$$ :rage:

Tell the dev team and powers that be at Ludia to restrict boosts to only the daily incubator and towers.

If they do go back for sale make it like ONCE a month and only 1 of each boost type maximum. Putting them for sale too often creates a paywall that Free or low spending players will never be able to keep up with, nor do we want to!

The company makes enough money on VIP, DinoBux and incubator sales.
Hopefully they learned from their mistakes of the mass availability of boosts when they were on sale, surely the community outcry sunk in!