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When can I buy all the boost I want? supposedly the boot arrived to stay and I feel I have HC for pleasure …
I got bored of recharging …
Thank you

Boost are usually in the store on Sundays. They used to be mid week too but not sure if that still happens as it didn’t this week.

Yes, I meant to see him permanently friend. So you can buy it whenever you want.

Well you can’t. They’ve never said they will be in the store all the time.

that’s the boring part … if they put something it must be permanent I think

No, no and nope!

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I don’t know, if you perceive that you have HC for pleasure since you can’t use it

You can use it, every Sunday!

Apparently it will only be on Sundays … as you mention Wednesday there was not what was strange for everyone

I hope the moderator can answer my question … to get a more precise idea

How much hc do you even have?
You can usually spend over 3500 per week. It’s a bit lower this week, but surely you don’t have tens of thousands lying around?

Moderators don’t often know any more than the players, and if they do know stuff they aren’t allowed to say anything.

Of course I get to buy every week, but personally I got bored of being able to buy only for a few days … and I was surprised to see that yesterday, Wednesday, you couldn’t buy …

I understand, thanks for the clarification

Well tbh, and no offence is meant by this but you are the reason why they shouldn’t be on sale every day. It would destroy the arena more than it already is.

the sand is already destroyed with the boost … in case I would like it more if they do not exist so that it is a game more of skill than a game more of pay to win (which is the reality of jwa at present), but of that they do not exist is impossible since we all know why they put it (get more income) … in front of that there are only two options: you adapt to the new system or you go out … well you will already imagine the renegade as everyone did, time passed and I said: well I like jwa I will adapt

Any moderator who knows when he can buy unlimited boost with just buy 1 per day, which is boring, since there is no way to spend the HC?


Are you asking when another sale will come around? I’m pretty sure the next one will be Sunday, unless they don’t do it like on Wednesday.

If they dont have a sale sunday i suspect boost 2.0 is sooner then we think and their reducing the amount of number they will have to crunch to refund boosts.


That makes sense, sounds like something that would make their job easier.