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Boosted commons really?

I know in the end it’s not that big of a deal but it’s kinda lame. I am seeing a lot of players in the Aviary just leveling commons to the upper 20’s and boosting them. We put all this time into making unique super hybrids just to have teams of boosted commons able to make their way into the Aviary? It makes you wonder why even allow commons to level past 20? I would say why allow players to use boosts commons but boosts are all about money.

They’re wasting boosts on commons, I don’t see why/how this is a problem.


It just devalues the game. We have all these cool hybrids that players never use and we never get to battle them. When some players can just use commons to make it into the 4500+ range. Why bother? What would be cool is extra divisions based on rarity. It would allow us to see and use different stuff. Plus only one would have Rats

I am playing for my entertainment. I don’t care if you couldn’t face “cool Hybrids”.

Why are saying to use only certain Dinos that you want to see in the Arena?

Don’t force other players just for your amusement.


The creatures you don’t face are hard to create and level. Some people have easier access to their ingredients than others.
But getting Commons to usable levels takes a lot of grinding and boosting too. Their Unique counterparts are usually just better, and harder to counter. That’s why you should bother.

People take pride in their endgame-worthy commons and enjoy using them. Using them “entertains” them, and this fact does not “amuse” you. Telling them to stop would be selfish. If you want to see less-used creatures in the arena more often, use them yourself.

Personally, I like the fact that some of the actual prehistoric creatures in the game can be made relevant again, to a degree.


So? There’s nothing I can do about that.

By certain Dinos, I meant the Dinos you want to face. And that doesn’t include Commons.

I don’t think the game forces players to use Unique Hybrids. There are players who use Pure Dinos in the upper Arenas.

It’s a different thing when what entertains me doesn’t amuse you.
Eg: I use a Common Dino for my entertainment and you are not amused because it’s not a “cool Hybrid”.


I know that was coming from someone. And the answer is I do. my goal is to have all Epic+ hybrids in the lower 20’s

Common DNA comes in thousands at a time. So, far less grinding

Over leveled boosted commons in avairy just sounds like the pity ai to begin with.

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That would be a nice easy fix then

And proud of it!
She’s useful and I don’t have Zorion yet.


Yesterday I fought a level 27 Trex, level 28 Alanqa and a level 30 Apato, the fourth I don’t know but I found it very refreshing.

I have respect for this guy / girl,that they can handle themselves between all the uniques and legendary dinos.


oh god. oh no. ooooh nooo. anything but a level 30 destroyer of multiverses


My first reaction, when I saw that: :scream:. This is going to take a while :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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There are commons that are still worth playing whatever Arena you are in. It’s a bit silly to say players can’t field what they want to. Not everyone plays competitive.

The only hybrids I use are Indominus and Indoraptor. I have no use or interest in other hybrids. I just use common, rare and epic prehistorics and I have fun doing that.


One correction: It’s a strategy game focused on Dinos. Not just Hybrids.

I am not interfering in anyway you play this game. You can play however you want. I just don’t care.
Just do the same thing to me. Let me play as I wish.


I wish commons were stronger. Regular dinos would be fun to use and cool to see. It’s become a crazy abomination lab in the game lol.

Hell I may use all my boost only on real dinosaurs to make them playable. They may have a chance in the arena then.

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I added these words, the ones you neglected to quote, to avoid absolution. Nice that you select quote and then add “Not just” adding absolution into my reply.

Well, I hope you got my point.

I got your point. You want to keep things simple. Having to plan ahead is not entertaining to you. You play casual with real dinos, collect DNA and level everything straight up. Depth and creativity are not things you enjoy. Real dinos with two moves each.I got it

Sounds to me that you are the one who does not plan ahead or use strategy. You just stated commons only have two moves and don’t require creativity. Yet you are the one losing to a team of commons.