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Boosted High Level Postosuchus Worth for Arena?

for lvl 26 non boosted less tournaments it was a monster.
that ferocious move surprisingly makes an instant 3262 damage. :scream:
and a 2nd shot makes 2175. a total of 5437 damage in 2 shots if not distracted or something.

and it’s relatively fast.

what if it’s a lvl 26 tier 6-7 boosted? should hurt a lot in aviary, or not?

Well, this thread seems to say so:

Although it’s not in Aviary.

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lvl 26 tier 6 would be:
4968 hp - 2001 atck - 152 speed
translating: 4502 damage 1st shot, then 3001 next

and being rare, should even help matchmaker score. :see_no_evil:

i just don’t know if dna is that easy to make possible people level it this much.


It’s a beast. Im in Lockwood mansion.


I guess it depends on living in L3. If it were as common as Kapro, I’d probably have one on my team instead of Tyrannolopho. I already got the lvl 22 (could be 23) Kapro.


Nope. Posto is garbage.

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I somehow read the topic as procerathomimus. I think I need a nap.


This is a question for @Arnold he’s got a pretty nasty Posto if I remember correctly.

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My postosuchus has 1 shot dilorachierus, erlidom, erlikospyx, magna, dracoceratops, tryostromix, spinotasuchus, plus more. If you boost its speed and damage, you can kill lots in 1 shot.


Ugh… Why was my post instantly hidden?

Edit: community flagged, really? That was instant.

Posto was my loyal companion for a long time, but I resisted the temptation of boosting it, so I don’t use it since boosts arrived, which is a shame… Boosts are too stupidly valuable now so I save them just for endgame dinos that I’m sure will be on my team on higher level… Unless of coure, they nerf it, like they did to Indo…


mmmm… post this inside those 1.000.002 topics about draco and ludia can now offer postosuchus incubators and posto events.

That’s a draco snack lmao

That thing can snack on a draco if it’s actually kept to wait for Draco.

Bro I’d swap my draco in it’s dead first turn tho

That’s why people should use it AFTER Draco has swapped in. Not before. Though at equal levels and boost, Draco should not be able to do much to it and would still die 1 hit from its ferocious impact even if draco swapped in to rampage it, since Posto would survive the hit.

i believe this is my difference from many people in this forum, when talking about dracobomb.
i don’t fear and don’t care for opponent’s daco swap in rampage. let it comes. the sooner the better. i always manage to revenge draco instead of being afraid of it comming.

Nooo, ludia would nerf posto :roll_eyes: They want Draco without counters

ow yep, sorry… i forgot @Ludia_Developers use to do the opposite of what community asks.

Believe me, if you invest in this savage beast, you will be unstoppable if you get it in your team. Takes out 2 or 3 dino’s standard on its own when in mine :grin: