Boosted, None Boosted, Friendly and Tournament Arena's

The friendly battle arena is someone else’s idea but I want to push having this variety of arenas as the boosts have taken much of the fun out of the game for many and funneled players teams into 8 over boosted creatures.

I would like to have both a boosted and none boosted arenas so our irrelevant creatures can be relevant again and I can bring other creatures up to my team level and play them all. Both boosted and none boosted arenas can count towards the daily battle incubators. Each arena can have its own separated trophy’s and we could play different levels of teams between the two.

Having a friendly battle arena would be a great place to try new dinos I haven’t bothered to make since I just don’t see getting them up to team level along with getting them boosted also. The friendly battle arena would be a good place to get a sanctuary item for a win… or something coming later.


I’d love to see this get implemented. I think a non boost arena would be a mid point between removing boosts and keeping them.

Boosters have caused me a lot of confusion… Many people have discussed about this…so not going to repeat here.

If there is a non-boosted arena, we can use a more diversified dino team and have more fun… I believe more players are more willing to participate in this pool. Those who quit may come back too.

The game needs a non boosted, equal level battle arena aside if friendlies, i asked this from 1.5, hope that will come true some time🙏