Boosted rexy for raids, should I might as well place her on my team? And more?

As the title said, I’ve been boosting rexy for raid usage and thought if I should replace phorurex with her

I’ve also been conflicted with which creature(s) to level up as well. I’m nearing enough dna for testa and dio to be 25 and cevia/scorp are ready for a level up for pvp and Gemini to level up for future raids

Which two should I focus on?

  • A-Cevia
  • Dio
  • Gemini
  • Scorp3
  • Testa

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The only one worth going for is Acevia. Testa can make Vasilas, which is pretty good. Rest are either dead in the water (Gen, Dio), or are being powercrept right now (Scorp).

Yes!!! you will see much more proggresion if you put rexy on