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Boosted scent strike tower-sign of things to come?

I noticed that one stat of each creature is boosted in today’s Spelling Bee Scent Strike. I wonder if this will be a thing in future, more difficult strikes?

This was always a thing. Ludia likes to drop in a couple boosts sometimes to make it a harder challenge

i’m always up for more difficult strikes, but i’d rather not have boosts in them if possible.

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I would prefer there was no BOOST at all in those tower strike…
Before boost,it was entertaining…Now,there is no challenge,we just do it for rewards and thats it.
Those tower strike become this much boring,i would like ludia set up a “auto-battle” button so i don’t waste my time for those easy victory.


I would just like the AI Dino to choose the correct moves in battles sometimes… like instead of the rampage move they choose the lesser damage move or use ID on a creature that is immune… not boosts

Boosted Carbonemys in today’s epic strike. No worries though, my Ardentismaxima handled it nicely :wink:

We used to have boosted strike towers rather frequently, not sure what changed.

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Lost to that tower because i forgot to bring a chomper.

Ah man, that’s all I brought. Made quick work of it too.

Regarding the “easy” strike towers: that’s why some of us have kids. Pffft!