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Boosted Thor’s are a major issue

Am I the only player that wants to see Thor nerfed into the ground? I have lost countless matches due to a Thor who is 3-5 levels higher than mine and boosted to tier 6-10 in every stat. I can be up 2-0 on an opponent then they throw out a Thor with 5k hp, 2k attack and 135 speed and wipe out my team.

I really think Thor needs a crit and damage nerf, or the matchmaking system needs to be more fair, or both.


Its. Not. Thor. Its. THE. BOOSTS.


It really is the boosts in this case. When everyone is able to catch up with a well rounded team, those fast thors are going to have trouble.


I second this. If boosts were gone balance would be restored


It’s amusing to me to look at all these “nerf thor” threads cause, let’s be real here, without boosts Thor is just an over glorified Allosinosaurus.


I don’t think Thor needs a nerf. The problem is that he is easy to build and people overboost him to leverage that high crit rate. His kit is fine. I have taken out pretty high level Thors, just much harder when they outspeed everything on your team.


Matchmaking still stinks. Totally imbalanced. I’ve brought this to the attention of Ludia since 1.10 and nothing’s changed. Boosts don’t help either, but even with boosts, Ludia needs to fix this matchmaking nightmare. My teams only up to a few lvl 21 - only one unique. Minimal to no boosts. I’m being put up against teams that are lvl 26 and higher with uniques that are highly boosted. Mathematically speaking, it’s impossible to win. Just lost over 300 trophies this morning because of it. Matchmaking is broken. Period.


Thor does not need a nerf. It is not broken at all. Overboosted Thor isn’t even good anymore with the high opportunity cost. Anything can be a sweeper when it has 10/10/10; I’ve lost to all sorts of overboosted Level 30 garbage.

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Thor is not broken. What‘s broken is matchmaking and ProceRATomimus and Indo Gen II.

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Its the boosts which makes many creatures OP.

Lost my 5/5/2 level 30 Maxima to level 30 boosted Ornithomimus who had 2.2K+ ATK, 4.1K+ HP and just used evasive strike every time.


Nerf Allosinosaurus!

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Thor isnt even that good in this meta… i wouldnt even put it in high apex… but at this moment in boosts 2.0 anything is op when its over boosted.


Agreed, as I posted above … Ornithomimus with boosts … Maxima boosted lost to him too :frowning:

But I am not going to ask nerf Ornithomimus :slight_smile:


Evasive is really strong in this meta… and evasive is a pretty solid natural counter to thor especially those that are immune.

Right now we have a bunch of high damage thors do to boosts that can deal so much damage the kinda bypass that counter but as time goes on and those evasive dinos get some health and speed i feel like thor falls off in this meta.


I wish nerf request threads were treated in the same manner as goodbye threads.


I’ve hated Thor since Boost came out. I’ve had Thor kill my whole team and I got 1 turn because the instant charge failed.

Erlikospyx and Utarinex might be able to deal with those Thors as long as they don’t go overkill on the speed (such as 147 thors).

Literally everything is broken with boosts. This isn’t a problem exclusive to Thor.


It’s the boosts not Thor. Without boosts Thor is a glorified T-Rex.


Made the same response in another thread, like everyone said its not Thors fault. Its the easily accessible DNA, which leads to overleveling, which result in people putting more boosts on it because its likely the highest dino on their team, which creates this huge powergap of Thor versus the rest of someones team.

No one would bat an eye if they faced a lvl 25 thor with a boost here or there when their team average is 25, thing is, it never happens BECAUSE someone with a team average of 25 will usually have a lvl 28-29 thor.