Boosted Utahsinos vs Boosted. Thors

I am surprised no one has mentioned this (from what I can find) but I find lately boosted Utahsinoraptors to be highly more annoying and frustrating than the boosted Thors. Please somebody tell me I am not the only one.

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faced a lvl30 boosted Utasino with around 5k health, 2.5k damage ohh and 145 speed :smiley: destroyed my team

Well I’m sure the “it’s broken” and “no diversity” and “cheat type easy play with no strategy” comments will come if it keeps being good. Just be patient.


By utahsino has recieved a greater share of my boosts then my thor… its most likely the reason i dont mind boosted thors so much.

If they dont have a rat it can cause some serious issues if they do have a rat ill find out soon cause they will use it on utahsino.

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I’ve found Utasino to be a headache, and is the sole reason I even put speed boosts on Indoraptor beyond 132 lmao

I love her :heart: Don’t you dare start another “nerve her” topic :joy:


Oh you are countering things? Pshaw that’s not how we do it. It’s easier if things are nerfed.

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Are you sure it has nothing to do with instant charge + boosts being totaly and completly broken? :thinking:

Thanks for never changing the weekley reward - This is the ONLY REASON players have huge amount of Sino-Dna.

Huge fail.

How many wild Sino have you seen last weeks?!

I dont go to l3 to hunt epics anymore… nothing i really need their… and living in an l1 ment i had a stockpile of sino before alliance missions were even a thing…

@JHVS I know people here complain about 135 speed thors and i have 6 dinos faster then that… i honestly havent had a thor 3-0 me in weeks cause i have multiple dinos that are faster and distract. Id rather deal with a boosted thor then a boosted magna.

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Luckily the boosted magna is a million times harder to create/level up then the unlimited Sino hybrids. :slight_smile:

Ive faced peeps with Thor and Utasino at 28+ with boosts. Its a problem imo.

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Yeah ive only been asking for alliance missions to rotate since the second week of sino…sino events… 3k+ sino from alliance missions but 1 attempt at tenotorex unbalances match making.

After the last boost reset i put rinex back on my teams and now run all three sino hybrids… considering both utahsino and utahrinex counter thor its workint out well for me.

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I have been playing for 5 weeks and had never seen a Sinoceratops until last Friday.
Since then I have found a total of 5 including one about 2 hours ago on my way home.
Ludia must have turned that switch back on.

I like my boosted Utahsino. It has gotten me through some tight spots in arena

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I’m too far along with rinex (27) and Thor (26 but un-boosted) to even think about investing in my Utahsino (20).

I do have an alt account around 4k trophies with Utahsino tho, and am thinking about going all in on her, boosts and all.

Since its an alt account, I dont want to use the same dinos I always use, that would just get boring quickly.

Awww she looks so cute in the palm of your hand. :blush:


I know right, that’s adorable. :blush:

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I live in area 3, have found 4 wild sinos since it moved here and one came out through a rare scent lol.

My “Queen”. And I can bump her speed a bit more if I need to 145.


Hows she doing for you? I dont really see many in aviary, but when I am on my alt account, down in ruins, there are boosted utahsinos everywhere.